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Not possessive of anyone. Never ridden with jealousy. But what's with Morrissey's Action is My Middle Name? It's all about possessing someone.
I'd be a high maintenance possession. Lots of expensive paints from Seattle. A quality fountain pen with ink made in France. Brushes from Barcelona. Paper from Germany. Stretched canvas from China.
You complain that you've never had anyone to turn to, then say, you have parents you adore, and grandparents too. Dale, I have been dismissed like crazy, brushed off, raped, nearly killed a number of times. Only recently people are treating me with respect. Only recently I've had good company, people to confide in a little. I'm cherishing it.
I've always been loving, forgiving as possible, good willed. But have mainly been perceived as a cockteasing bitch. Came close to being snuffed out permanently several times.
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