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Hunchback of Solow
Next time, I'll make a fuss. Or use the self checkout. I should report her. On the other hand, it's just $5. It hurts though, being ripped off. What does she get out of overcharging me?


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Today a cashier ripped me off for $5. It's bothered me. She charged it as 'other' on the receipt. It's coming out of my bum fund.
You should make a painting of her holding your $5 and make her famous.
But also remember that she is a cashier and probably puts a lot of herself into her work every day. Maybe cashiers have some kind of sixth sense where they know that you get paid to loll around all day painting and get paid for it while they have to work super hard doing cleanup on aisle six, so she taxed you for that.

Vegan Cro Spirit 555


LH taking a backhanded swipe aimed at Fake C.🤒
leading to a self defense psycho babble from Fake C.:anguished:

Kmart 'workers' are swipers
no cartoon painters are glommers



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I'm going to blow my own trumpet. I've clawed my way through life. I've complained about it a lot of the time, but I'm still here. I'm damded proud of myself for getting here. I'm 51 years old and I struggled through every second of it. I'm still here.
Under the circumstances, I have just the song for you. Enjoy:

I just wanna say
I haven't been away
I'm still right here
Where I always was
* no social life frink advice artie lange awesome bitching blush bored brooms candies chat cheese with your whine? college is tough companionship complaining epiphany episiotomy friendships funny happy i think u stink just lust moaning never to be replaced rabid monkey sad suck my teeth sweet caroline wowzers
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