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my "friend" shared this on facebook.

like are you f***ing kidding? do you actually think that's a valid comparison? what about the part where cops put their lives on the line whenever they have to make an arrest? i didnt realize getting shot while attending to patients was a concern for nurses. so i told my "friend" its braindead and insulting, which it is. it's sad because she thinks she's really woke. she thinks that by posting 1000's of "woke" posts a day it can make up for her living a meaningless life.
Nurses put their lives on the line too especially in a pandemic and if a cop murders someone they should be charged with murder.
The comparison they're making is that killing someone even accidentally because you made a mistake is not something that we are willing to forgive in any other profession. That's not even touching on cases where it's actually murder.
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