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maybe you should just eat a ton of it until you get so sick of it you never want to see it again. surprisingly that does work. I used to be like that with buttertarts and halvah both of which have now completely lost any appeal to me.
I tried that. The next day the craving is ripe and ready to go another round.
you made three punctuation mistakes and one grammar mistake within two sentences, and you're trying to tell me about writing? lol

also, I don't think it's for you to tell an artist how they should work. every artist has different methods, different tempos, different sources of inspiration. van gogh painted most of his paintings in a day. Seurat, on the other hand, would make only one painting a year. also, there's a reason why artists have places, countries, etc where they go to create. remarkably, no artist is answerable to you as to the hows and whys of their creative efforts.

as for me, I quit my job. im leaving the place I've lived for the last 20 years. I think that shows a little dedication and intention on my part to what im doing, don't you?

also, I was just kidding about the "best selling" part. how much it sells has nothing to do with any of this. it was a little bone thrown to c-lo, whose ribbing I at times enjoy, but witless YOU picked up on it instead.
If you think you are an expert on that wait until the men and women at the publishers dig into your way or writing. That is like a science on its own.

But look at how different authors write and how some even challenge grammar sometimes. There is no manual in the world of writers. You are talking about journalism.
I wish I had been nicer to the irish man. I mean, I was nice. but I didn't go all out on my niceness like a lot of people do. I wasn't warm. warmth makes me feel icky. but he deserved it. he's a really nice old man. I wish I had been nicer.
You want to tell us every detail so please do. You are bursting to tell us all. I know a date over there is not the same as here cause if that had been the case you would have been married and knocked up by now and living with the three V's, Villa, Volvo and voof voof.

Better in swedish (villa, volvo and vovve).
For me it would feel wrong to be single at this age. I have really changed in that sense. But the thing with men like him is that they never had no one ever.
Pilla made me as needy as she is. I fought it for years then had to give in. We cannot be separated for even the smallest amount of time and both sort of panic when we are.
I drove things to the recycle place that featured in the Guardian and returned and she was almost in tears and I felt empty driving around alone.

We are both aware that we are completely sick and beyond help.
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