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In the episode of the swedish series "Heder" (Honor) I watched tonight the action took place in Uppsala and was aparently filmed just weeks or possibly days before my dad ended up there at the burns unit. In a scene the director was clever to refer to Bergman's "Fanny and Alexander" by making the guy park his car in front of what is the facade for the theatre in the famous Bergman movie.

It was right there we parked when we left the hospital to eat before we returned back again during those November weeks of last year.

40:12 onwards they first mention Uppsala university and then he leaves his car where we parked with the Uppsala cathedral and the house used to portray the facade of the theatre plus the food trucks standing in line there these days.

Emily leaves the Eklöf family for the bishop walking past the theatre:


Parking space in front of the facade of the building now used by the church of Sweden. (on the right).


Food trucks beneath the cathedral and the buildings featured in the Bergman movie in the background.

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