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At some levels in life there is no such thing as paranoia, there really are people out to get you. In your case maybe you and any cats...
Oh hi Odin,do you like Irregular Regular and karaoke?;) :lbf:Pathetic really...


These are my real pets, not wild sightings. I picked her up. Jerry went BANANAS when he heard her voice, and she went cuckoo for his too. They called back and forth to each other for quite some time, until I put some broccoli in their cages and they got real occupied with that and forgot each other. Then Jerry would be milling about his cage and she'd stand there silently on the closest edge of her perch and watch. Then, perhaps coincidentally because it was just too sweet, Jerry would realize she was watching and go look at her and then she;d just hop around her cage and eat and stuff. They're too shy to get close. THey're in separate cages next to each other until I can put them together, I'm elsewhere now housesitting. They're doing construction on the house and as they hammer stuff outside the plaster and drywall is falling off in the living room as I sit here. I feel like I'm in a Michael Gondry film. :p

possibly the most boring post you've done in a while Crystal :D
how is everyone today??

billy scissors

a bit fond
I am moments away from procuring a female canary for my male. I think of it as rescue actually. She's a steal at $30 and trapped in a cage with a female red factor canary who is selling for $80 because she is more profittable, prettier. But this little girl, two years younger than my bird Jerry, is the color of Jerry with a bit of bright, bright yellow. She looks like she's wearing a little vest. :sweet:

I'm doing this because it breaks my heart that he sings to the reflection of himself in his cage. I won't put them together immediately, I want to monitor that they don't hurt each other.

it breaks my heart to see a bird in a cage


dear fellow morrissey solo i have a dilema! this guy and i were kind of talking and decided we would go to the movies today but im so nervous :eek: like we never really set a time and i dont even think hes going to go or hes just going to cancel and the point is i guess you can say im young, nervous and im geeking out!! he supposably likes me but erm.....thats doubtful and oh my what am i going to do if i do go and he does too!! what do i talk going to be an even bigger awkward mess! oh no! im panicking hardcore!!........sorry i just needed to do some rambling.:eek:


My secret's my enzyme.
I'm wondering what's wrong with me that I spend every day of my life completely in my own little Morrissey-obsessed world and no one I know or meet likes him or knows who he is (it's been so all of my life...), and right now, 45 minutes away in Chicago, there is a small bar playing nothing but Morrissey songs until 2 a.m., yet here I sit alone, choosing not to go.

I'm going to one of those things tonight for the first time. I'll give you a full report.

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I've drunk all the Jack Daniels and i am sooooo bored :(

I've drunk all of the wine and I'm bored. And I have anxiety over my sudden career change. And I have just got a new phone, something called a blackberry so my new boss will be able to contact me all the time. And I can't figure out how it works.
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