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Here in Melbourne, it's about 9 degrees celsius.
It's winter, and I have a virus and the doctor said I have to stay
at home and rest. I am bored with resting, but I guess I better
do what she says. grrrr.....

That's so weird. I mean that it's winter there.
So cold here, hooray for polar fleece hoodies!
Morriseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy,,, I was talking to your ghost when I was running errands today. Let me tell you something. When I was a freshman in High School, maybe sophmore, I took a drama class as an elective. I much preferred photography and didn't really want to be on stage so I got to into LIGHTING! For the school's production of A Midsummer's Night Dream, I helped the light guy, so I can totally do that, THEN I could go back to my room and look at your signs after people post their pics. I'm just saying, think about it. And I hope you offer dental because half my tooth waiting for a crown just cracked and crumbled into pieces.
just sound of silence...
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