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My secret's my enzyme.
"Pulling your leg?" not quite, though. That means trying to get you to believe something untrue, a little more than taking the piss does. "Giving you shit" works well, doesn't it?

"Go fuck yourself."
"Don't mind him. He's just giving you shit."

Or: "I decree today that life
Is simply TAKING [the piss] and not giving [you shit]"
So the person GIVING someone shit is actually TAKING the piss?


My secret's my enzyme.
YES! It's like the circle of life, only with piss. And shit. A coprophilic carousel, if you will.
Thank you, now I have a mind mnemonic thing that'll help me remember how to use it. :flowers: You're a lifesaver, Pregs.

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I'd like to find the film thread, so I can express my views on the last film I saw, which was Groundhog Day. However, I'm too lazy to use the search function. :( Not too lazy to type this post though. It's a matter of principle.


My secret's my enzyme.
They kicked Jan (Yawn) off of Shear Genius. :tears: Now I have nobody to root for. I loved watching him tell the prelim judges to stick it and stop talking to him while he worked. :tears: And there's something about tattoos and fingers with hair dye all over them that is sooooooooo sexy. :tears:


...brush me daddy-o
Is there an American here who could give me an American equivalent of what we'd say in a situation that that would be used? Because I think I'm still using it wrong.
???? Are you not an American - i read your posts with an American accent!!!:p

Kind blows my whole hermetic androgyne theory into pieces. :rolleyes: :p I'll just rationalize that he was drinking a Red Bull during the interview which has Taurine in it which can be extracted from bovine urine and conclude he was "taking the piss" and that actually my theory still holds water...or piss or whatever.
sorry to spread manure on your bed of roses, but, Moz = vegetarian, therefore says NO to Taurine!!!:D, therefore your 'take the piss' theory can't work! QED!!!! :lbf::lbf:

PS: Mr Nightingale told me taurine came from bull sperm! A real treat for the vegans amongst us:sick::barf:


My secret's my enzyme.
I'm American, that's why I needed an American equivalent to help me understand your term. :p I never said I was a smart American.

I thought taurine came from urine which a vegetarian can drink, right? :squiffy: I hope so because if I have to give up Red Bulls AND Peeps (gelatin:tears:) it's going to be a long year. :D


My secret's my enzyme.
My head is pounding like nobody's business- agony. I have a horrible cold too. Ugh.

On the bright side, I'm dying my hair tomorrow. *cheering weakly*
You're dying your hair on Easter? Isn't that the day your hair is supposed to be living? :p
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