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this the most impressive name dropping without actually name dropping i've ever seen. i'm not criticising. at all. this is really f***ing cool and i'm totally jealous. :guitar: i'm sure you'll have a great time. can't wait to see the movie. if you get a chance please tell him that some random guy he's never heard of thinks he writes a mean comic. also, if you can, ask him what's going on with his das kapital idea. you could also mention that i'm familiar with das kapital and that if he wants me to do some writing for the project i'm crazy cheap and i know my way around a comic script :o :thumb:.
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My musician friend who is the violinist for Charlotte Gainsbourg was on tour with her in Europe and was in Paris for 3 weeks. THeir tour manager knew Morrissey's tour manager and he managed to get them into a Morrissey show with excellent seats at the Zenith. He said the show was amazing, that Morrissey even took off his shirt, and that his voice was incredible. It's interesting to hear reviews from people who aren't megafans. He thought his show was special because Morrissey was worked into such a fervor that he removed his shirt. :p He couldn't say enough kind things about how incredible his voice and tone were though.
I had to share this picture I found on the Daily Mail website.:D

"Biblical rain" you can send some of that down here to Melbourne.
I'll bucket it for my garden......:)
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