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I'm thinking about someone who I really shouldn't be thinking about doing things they definitely should not be doing. So what else is new?:rolleyes:
i'm thinking my back hurts way too much for someone my age and im thinking how i can make it better...
i'm thinking my back hurts way too much for someone my age and im thinking how i can make it better...

a nice hot bath, with bubbles! then a good nights rest lying on your back. with your head not risen above your body by the pillows.

well that is what i just thinking just to help helmoz.
Im thinking about how im going to scream if my little sister doesent stop blasting Abba from her speakers. I may play Moz all the time but at least I don't burdon everyone else.
please make my headache go away
(probably staring at a computer screen does not help)
please make my headache go away
(probably staring at a computer screen does not help)

i was just thinking that you should give it a rest for now and come back later or tomorrow when your head is better. as this forum will still be here and i bet you don't want your bad head to do the same or be any worse!
I was looking for my Political Compass results (stored somewhere safely on my computer :rolleyes: ) when I found this list (title: "The sites that made my life better")

Clearly I hadn't discovered Morrissey-Solo yet! :D God, the last one :eek: But it is terribly frustrating (if at all possible) to type in Russian if you don't have that software, so I understand myself a little bit :p
My job interview and how I can't be arsed.

SHould I get a takeaway or just have some minestrone soup

Why is Curb Your Enthusiasm so funny?


Hmm why am I writing my stoned thoughts on an internet site?

IS being stoned anything to do with my job apathy?

Will 4 fags be enough to see me through the evening and morning??

Uniform Network Code is the contract Blah blah blah
If I have to ring BT in India at great cost AGAIN tomorrow about my f*****g internet connection I am going to get REALLY F*****G ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!! Who said wireless was great? It's about as good as my f*****g phone!!! NEVER BUY A PHONE BECAUSE IT LOOKS COOL!!!!!!! I think I should go and have a fag before I spontaniously combust.........

its not really an '@' so much as an about
I'm thinking that Death Cab For Cutie are one hell of an interesting band. Plans is better than anything Moz has done in almost 10 years.
I`m thinking some people are c*nts!
My car has just (an hour ago) come off the jack on my drive while I was doing the front brakes and trapped my legs and even though I was shouting help, no c*nt came to help me.

This despite the fact someone was working in their garage nearby and someone slightly further away was moving in.

Eventually I managed to reach the jack which had been pushed some distance away and got it underneath even though there was hardly any room and lifted the car slightly to free my legs.

My legs are badly bruised but fortunately the brake disc kept the car up far enough to stop my legs being completely crushed.Good job the disc wasnt off at the time!

I had a large stone behind one wheel,yet didnt use a axle stand as I wasnt going to get right underneath but when tightening a caliper bolt the car came right off the jack.I`ve done the same operation countless times before without mishap. And I dont normally put my legs under either, but swiveled round to get a good purchase on the tool just at that moment.

I wont be making that mistake again!

I wont work on the car again either when I`m on my own! ( My wife was at work,my 6 year old son at school and my 2 year old daughter was watching nearby but obviously couldnt do any thing except cry.)

I still cant believe no c*nt heard me!
* no social life frink advice artie lange awesome bitching blush bored brooms candies chat cheese with your whine? college is tough companionship complaining epiphany episiotomy friendships funny happy i think u stink just lust moaning never to be replaced rabid monkey sad suck my teeth sweet caroline wowzers
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