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^^yeah, although expected, still pretty funny.
I really should be doing some work for my interview on Monday.

Fantastic things I need to cover:

Transient gas analysis
National transmission system to Low tranmission system. Flex and flow rates.
>7 bar governors
pk6 derived flow
Rep 2- Policy replacement.
Teamworking and Leadership
Concern For Order And Quality
Problem solving and judgement

No wonder I'm on this website instead!!! I do get easily distracted.:D

Maybe i could answer questions about the ROTT tour instead!
Oh By The Way

I'm thinking I hope at 5pm we will have a win and not another 5-0 defeat like on Wednesday

I am also thinking about the beautiful new Popworld presenter Alexa Chung who is my perfect woman

Also, I am now thinking about the old Popworld presenter Simon who was ace, the new curly haired bloke is a knob

Now I am beginning to think I spend too much time thinking about Popworld on T4

Well 5-2 ain't too bad. HA HA.
Talk to me. ABout transient gas analysis.

Ok why aren't you out on a Saturday night?
because i've just finished a 12 hour shift (starting at 5:30am) without a break (on my feet the whole time) and i was dead busy...i'm completely knackered!!
Haven't a jar of glue. Something to do with constant flow of gas. I really should read up about it. Ahem

I went to see British Sea Power last night. Very good too. I had a few pints, was home by midnight and feel absolutely shattered today. Didn't get up till 6pm! So as you were working I was sleeping. Probably.

have you got Film 4? the Long Good Friday is on but its prompting me for my PIN. Thought it was free nowadays. grrrr

i quite like BSP. never seen them live tho.
i saw CSS the other week and they were excellent and last week i saw the killers in blackpool and the view in oxford, both were fab.

you got any other gigs planned?

yeah, i thought it was free too...i never watch it because theres never anything on it!
Hey Battle Royale is on later. Quality Japanese film.

It was my first time seeing BSP and I'd definitely see them again. My mate wasn't too impressed though and my other mate was really pissed. She was amusing though.

I saw the Killers ages ago but was too hungover to enjoy it (on the NME tour thing with Bloc party, Kaiser Chiefs and someone else. Hmm who was it?)

This time next week I will be singing along to a SMiths song at the Other Smiths!!! I'm going to see the Walkmen and someone else too (my mind is going skewiff at the mo')
So you seeing any more bands? Btw is this the correct procedure to have a conflab on a message board? I LOVE BEING AN ANARCHIST!
I want to play poker,but If I start the end will be under a bridge in rags

Have you tried internet poker?

Just don't do it when you're drunk... poker that is!
anarchy in the uk!
besides the chat room is terrible.
i'm seeing a few bands in the next few weeks...
peter bjorn and john
nme tour
larrikin love
the rifles

think thats it so far....head is starting to ache.

i used to like the walkmen 'the rat' is a great track dunno any of their recent stuff tho.
i want to see some smiths tribute band but they only seem to play in london?

and that is one hell of an nme line up you saw!!
i used to go on the chat room back in the day (2000) it was shit then and I daren't even venture in there now.

I'm seeing a few other bands too soon;

the Dears
I like trains
some other bands too..... (rah rah rah)

Oh my mind is a vaccuum cleaner tonight.

STOP THE PRESS: BBC 4 have a night dedicated to Stiff Records on.

The f***ing Belle Stars is on now! Just had the POgues on

Excuse my French!
never heard them. Give anything a go ONCE.

Pogues DIRTY OLD TOWN on onw! HAving a sing song!
I'm thinking about soup and wondering when exactly British Sea Power stopped wearing shrubbery and whether I should change clothes and why is Boz's wife selling clothing on ebay and where did the plunger go and it seems a very long time since my last paycheck and can't they just give us the same amount but every week????
* no social life frink advice artie lange awesome bitching blush bored brooms candies chat cheese with your whine? college is tough companionship complaining epiphany episiotomy friendships funny happy i think u stink just lust moaning never to be replaced rabid monkey sad suck my teeth sweet caroline wowzers
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