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No sleep, food - grapes, listening to new fav album "Grammar of the Maladjusted" (two albums five songs each go nowhere).
:oSorry me dizzy again:confused::o

virtually dead

Simply Thrilled, Honey
Drunk ^

Oh, I have 20 chapters, each with notes on Themes, Plot, Character Development, and Imagery to do...for Monday
and i'm here
i'm hopeless, it's hopeless


Earlier Karin was looking for you because she saw Columbo on TV.
Poor her, she's doing night shift tonight.

I'm bit sleepy and tired because I find my current IPS is very incompletant, I have to find other ISP.


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Naw, I wore a Moz shirt to a Moz concert. :)

I wear older Concert Shirts..I hate to be just one of the crowd wearing the same bloody tour shirt from the current one...

I think I wore a Kill Uncle shirt...My Love Life to the Hollywood Bowl


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You will have to limit yourself to 20 calories a day for the next year....


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I wanna see Cassie kick some ass on that show (meaning beat the crap out of stupid anorexic models)


I liked that bitchy girl from season 1 that made it to 3rd place.... she was cool.

I would kick ass, take names, and WIN! I definetly have a bigger ass than all those bitches on the show, though.


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Cassie, I dont' think that having an "ass" is a bad thing on that show... is you notice, they tend to have a (pro-black girls) bias on there... :rolleyes:

Somebody Call Al Sharpton....Imus is in the house :eek:


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Al Sharpton is just as big a racist if not bigger. don't get me started.
Also Jesse Jackson. What a hypocritical son of a beech.
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