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i'm not trying to sound funny, but talking about Morrissey/smiths songs etc should be in the discussions threads? need loads more people can see it and join in.

sorry westendgirl didn't see your join date:o

why do need an invite to post on any thread here?

don't really understand such alienating behavior from you Kuiper:confused:
That's ok!! It's cool.......:D ;)
shouldn't we all just post to what ever thread we want, when i start a thread i want as many people to post as possible (pins ups, movies you've seen, confessions etc) that is the problem here at the moment, little gangs of people, we are all here we should all get on, yes there is going be opinions.... but none of these should turn into slanging matches, as that just turns people away.


This thread is a special one just for us. ;) It was created specifically for:
slum mum 1974
Strange Fear
!Viva Hate!
You... you... *hyperventilates and starts sobbing uncontrollably*


I meant that you have that closet for me conditionally... Now good night, and thank you...


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wow I didn't really expect this thread to be hijacked as such, but it was....oh well. Although I knew it would. Goodnight chica! Alright I must go and do something constructive and useful of my time.....such as....take a shower.
BY the way Robby, since your here, is it really hot in San Francisco like it is here???


do all the people invited to this thread promise to post here only? Deal! :)

not you West end Girl, although from time to time, I wonder if your story adds up. ;)
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