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My secret's my enzyme.
I meant to say "effen." Sorry. :o


laughing at these:

silly parents. girl on the pole is impressive. i didnt know they actually did moves like that.

Poppy Full

Sycophantic slag
Procrastinating, again. It's my favourite hobby.

lux girl

In Moz We Trust
I'm trying to keep my eyes very tired after work trip to London...need some zzzzzzzzzzz


Lust a prima vista
Pornhub has a new "Female Friendly" category. Woo hoo.

EDIT: It sucks.

Yeah, videos of women buying shoes is not really that interesting.


Yeah, videos of women buying shoes is not really that interesting.

Could have been if they, like me, shopped the Otto Tootsi Plohound back in the day...
137 Fifth Ave., New York, NY



My secret's my enzyme.
So you know how that alleged photographer is writing a blog about taking Morrissey photo and an article coming out soon and stuff about New York? And you know how he named Morrissey "Sid?" I had a laugh the other day. My friends and I went to this Italian restaurant called Alejos and across the street is a children's clothing store called "Sid & Me" or something similar. Apparently they had to change the name a number of years ago as it used to be called "Sid's" which wasn't exactly appropriate for a childrens clothing store. :rofl: I thought of Morrissey when they told me this story.
I gotta put the laptop away and catch up on my office work.

I'm not going to make any money spending all afternoon on solo and facebook :(

Oh my god. it's Robby!

spontaneously luminescent
laundry and changing a bunch of the tunes on my ipod, it only carries about 500 :straightface:
so out are going some of my Hikki songs and Moz :eek:
in coming more Brit Pop & Paloma Faith :bow:
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