Portland, OR - Schnitzer Concert Hall (Oct. 31, 2017) post-show

Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Nov 1, 2017.

By davidt on Nov 1, 2017 at 5:30 AM
  1. davidt

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    Feb 12, 1997
    Post your info and reviews related to this concert in the comments section below. Other links (photos, external reviews, etc.) related to this concert will also be compiled in this section as they are sent in.


    You'll Be Gone / I Wish You Lonely / I Started Something I Couldn't Finish / Spent The Day In Bed / Alma Matters / Speedway / When You Open Your Legs / Home Is A Question Mark / Istanbul / When Last I Spoke To Carol / How Soon Is Now? / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / The Bullfighter Dies / Jack The Ripper / Back On The Chain Gang / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / All The Young People Must Fall In Love / Ganglord / Meat Is Murder / Everyday Is Like Sunday // Suedehead / Shoplifters Of The World Unite

    Setlist provided by an anonymous person

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Nov 1, 2017.

    1. Anonymous
      I’ve seen Morrissey at least a dozen time throughout his career and this was one of his worst performances. I guess age has finally caught up to him.
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    2. Anonymous
      Pretty lackluster performance. Moz looked tired. The band sounded tired.
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    3. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Partial setlist & periscope footage:
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    4. Anonymous
      That's a bad sign and and was kinda expecting that, I fear for the later part of the tour.
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    5. marred
      Maybe he wasn't weird enough for Portland?
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    6. Anonymous
      1. You’ll Be Gone (Elvis cover)
      2. I Wish You Lonely
      3. I Started Something
      4. Spent The Day In Bed
      5. Alma
      6. Speedway
      7. When You Open Your Legs
      8. Home Is A ?
      9. Istanbul
      10. Carol
      11. HSIN?
      12. Paris
      13. Bullfighter
      14. Jack The Ripper
      15. Chain Gang
      16. World Peace
      17. All The Young People
      18. Ganglord
      19. MIM
      20. Sunday
      21. Sudehead
      22. Shoplifters (sung as “Trumpshifters,” I believe)
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    7. Anonymous
      'I Started Something' sounded surprisingly good (especially as Moz's band often aren't that great at doing Smiths covers). Some of the rest seemed a bit lacklustre - I'm not sure if it's 'first night of the tour' cobwebs that need blowing off, or just Morrissey getting that bit more slower every year. Time catches up with us all.
    8. Anonymous
      Moz and band in fine form. Setlist perhaps to heavy on new songs. Crowd a mixed bag, more drunks / fights than I’ve ever seen because : Halloween. Several failed stage invasions including one poor woman who didn’t have the upper body strength to get onto the stage.
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    9. Famous when dead
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    10. Professional troublemaker
      Professional troublemaker

      It seems pretty balanced there were 5 new songs and 4 The Smiths and 2 covers.

      Looks a good set
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    11. Anonymous
      Love seeing the setlist, once again 7-8 songs which could easily be replaced by more desired songs. Not withstanding refusuing to change the setlist which still includes songs from past several years of performance. I'll be giving away my Hollywood Bowl tickets, thanks anyway but no thanks.
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    12. marred
      So basically it's some new stuff from the new album and the rest is from last years tour with a few changes. If you haven't heard those songs live then great but it seems there's not enough time for the band to rehearse some new stuff we haven't heard for a while.
    13. Anonymous
      5 new songs out of 22 songs is "too heavy on new songs"? Sometimes I'm speechless about some concert goers today.
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    14. Irregular Regular
      Irregular Regular
      Good set list overall, but I wish he'd stop singing World Peace, Istanbul and Meat Is Murder. They are a borefest, especially live.
      And 2 cover versions? Is that a first?
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    15. Anonymous
      It's no surprise. The act has failed to move on with the times. I bet Martin was looking pretty lacklustre too. At least he performed Cardigan Is Murder (CIM) which is now hilarious and pointless (I suppose it gives the punters a piss break).
      Eagerly awaiting the rest of the songs from Low On Clown School then we can pass true judgement. :tiphat:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    16. Anonymous
      Watched on Periscope, until the dude’s battery ran out. I enjoyed it and felt that it was a good how. Audience seemed pretty lame though. Fair weather types waiting for 20 Smiths tunes.
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    17. Anonymous
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    18. Anonymous
      I'd add 'Ganglord' and 'How Soon is Now?' to the list of tired songs that should be given a rest. I know 'How Soon' is a beloved song with the casual fans, but my God - it's been played to death over the past decade.
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    19. Anonymous
      5 new songs, six covers and 11 golden oldies !
      No wonder Martin is dragging his heels.
      Speedway :rofl:
      Cardigan Is Murder :mock:

      Poor Portland
      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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