Poor Andy Rourke.

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    Andy Rourke grew up in a very male environment. He has his Dad called Michael Rourke and his two older brothers Chris and Phil who he felt a bit in the shadow of, and also Andy had a younger brother called John. His Mum called Mary left the family and went to Spain when Andy was about 12 years old, so it was just Andy's Dad and Andy's three brothers. Andy also went to an all boys school which was also a Catholic Grammar school which he only got into by the skin of his teath because some one else dropped out other wise Rourke would not of gone to Grammar school at all, they had bulling boys at the school, bulling teachers, strappings with a belt, and the school went comprehensive. He had to cope with a horrible school and a horrible home life with his parents divorce. Sometimes his Dad went away on buisness and his Mum was in Spain with her new man so Andy and his brothers were left on their own, so they had mates round to live with them. Andy was very quiet and probably a bit shy. With all the pressures he got into taking any drug he could and got into smoking Heroin and he used to bunk off school. His older brother Chris was wild and his older brother Phil was musical and played bass. Andy had to live up to his older brothers and also his new friend intelligent John Maher. Andy got into music and playing the guitar, bunking off school with John Maher who got into trouble with the law with stolen Lawry prints, took drugs and became a bit wild and rebelous and was cool with long hair and left school with very little O-levels. Andy Rourke's troubles didn't end with his school days. He found sucsess with The Smiths but got over shadowed by Morrissey and Marr. He got sacked from The Smiths due to Heroin addiction and then got arrested because of H and got put in police sells, he was very lucky that he didn't go to prision but there was a court case and in the end he just had to pay a fine. When the Smiths split for good it left a void in his life and his friendship with Marr ended. He had the court case with Morrissey but just got an out of court settlement because he couldn't afford to go on. Then he became bankrupt. Then he got divorced from his wife called Maxine Rourke, and his wife got beaten up by Roy Keane in Manchester. He still had trouble with his drinking, smoking and drug taking.
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    Andy Rourke....just another junkie

    Old schoolboy rhyme from Manchester when Rourke was growing up. I guess he took it to heart:

    Smack! Smack! Smack!
    All the lads clap!

    Shoot in by the bundle!
    Your world takes a tumble!

    Smack! Smack! Smack!
    All the lads clap!

    Treat it like your wife!
    Heroin is your life!

    Smack! Smack! Smack!
  3. jesus! you never see morrissey having so many words written about him
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    Christ Almighty! Your grammar is appalling.
  5. You Scare Me.
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    Re: He was a Neil Young fan.

    He liked that Neil Young album "Tonights the Night" about that heroin addict.He liked Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young with David Crosby from The Byrds who he liked and Graham Nash from Manchester group The Hollies who he liked. He liked Joni Mitchell. He liked Bob Dylan. He liked Jazz music like Ronnie Laws and David Sanborne. He liked Funk music, Hip-Hop and Rap music and Dance music. He liked stuff that Marr liked like The Rolling Stones and bass player Bill Wyman, The Who=mods, Rory Gallagher(Andys first gig), The Velvet Underground, The Ramones, Patti Smith, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Television. I don't know if Andy liked the folk/rock stuff that Marr liked like Fairport Convention or T.Rex or Roxy Music or The Faces=mods, the 1960s girl-groups and Phil Spector the producer and 1960s girl singers that Morrissey liked, or Motown, or The New York Dolls, or the Jonnie Ray and Billy Fury and 1950s style Rock and Roll stuff, I am sure Marr liked The Blues and Rhythm and Blues and his parents liked Country music. If Andy liked that early Rap stuff. Did Andy Rourke like Nirvana and Kurt Cobain who was born in 1967? Andy Rourke was born in 1964 the youngest of The Smiths.

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