Political posters in New York

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    1. Anonymous
      A Clinton warren ticket would be great. I so hope that happens the Cheney to her bush so to speak
    2. rifke
      Re: Posters in New York

      no, no, silly, i said i have a connection, and thus dont need contact. it's more like an immediacy of feeling, rather than like talking to someone, but from that immediacy of feeling i can divine everything i need to know. my grandma says he wouldnt respond to ouija boards or mediums anyway because he's too discerning (you see, he's discerning, not stubborn!)
      eh, i guess
      i once read an essay about philip larkin by christopher hitchens, i think, who said something to the effect that the poet is one who spins the dross of existence into silver and gold. if there were no dross, there would be nothing to be spun into silver and gold.
    3. Anonymous
      Re: Posters in New York

      Hahaha typical lefty response...... shouldn't you be on a march smashing things up because you're angry
      your benefits are being taken from you and you might have to work......
    4. Anonymous
      Re: Posters in New York

      hahaha my god, do you really believe this shiiiiiite.

      How about this one

      20th century / Germany / economic crisis / jews / Hitler - National Socialists

      21st century / Britain / Labour party / jews / Corbyn, Livingstone etc etc - Communists & Socialists

      or how about

      20th century / Germany / economic crisis / jews / Hitler - National Socialists

      21st century / Syria/Iraq / ISIS / Christians / cnuts - Islamists

      see what i did there?

      History teaches you're probably a lefty, you interpret things in your twisted PC liberal ways
    5. Anonymous
      Re: Posters in New York

      elaborating on the so called scandals
      The email scandal is like many of the past Clinton/Dem scandals. It wasn't a major scandal unless a democrat does it. Reagan and Bush Sr. used to let donors stay in the Lincoln bedroom in the White House. It became a scandal under Clinton. The Clintons replaced 7 employees in the travel office and it became travelgate. Bush Jr. fired 7 federal prosecutors and dismissed two others to replace them with people to help kill investigations of Republicans and start investigations of democrats. Then you have prankgate, pranks as the administration leaves the White House. Bush Sr staffers did it to Clinton staffers when they left. Clinton staffers did it to Bush Jr like signs that said "department of strategery" and taking some W keys off of keyboards. Bush Jr.s staffers made a big show of it and the media followed. Spending money to investigate, they found a few W keys missing and something like two phone cords severed. Again... a prank when Republicans do it...a scandal when dems do it. They had two special prosecutors who both found no wrong doing in Whitewater...so they went out and got a third...who found out Clinton was having an affair....but again no wrong doing in Whitewater....so they set him up and impeached him for lying about the affair. (Nevermind Bush and Jennifer Fitzgerald, or Bush and his favorite reporter/male prostitute James Guckert/Jeff Gannon) Four Supreme Court members had personal connections to the Bush campaign and none of them recused themselves in Gore vs Bush. Now the Republicans don't want to vote for a Supreme Court nominee because the court will become too biased for Obama to appoint one in his last year of office.

      The list goes on...and there are examples that of course sway the other way. But again, the Republicans are treating emailgate like the scandal to surpass all scandals.....when it is really just an excuse to drag her through the mud and investigate endlessly and hope they find a stained dress somewhere in the closet that is completely unrelated to the investigation. The problem for them now is that they have a candidate that lives for the soundbyte, negative or positive,... and the media finds more interesting than Hillary. Yes you will still have your conspiracies about how Bill Ran the CIA when he was Governor of Arkansas and controlled the drug trade in this country....but the new "Squirrel!" is in town, and people will click on a story about how Trump just said women should be punished for having an abortion....and then change his position 6 times over two days. Now that is a news cycle they like.
    6. Calamine Lotion
      Calamine Lotion
      Re: Posters in New York

    7. Anonymous
      Re: Posters in New York

      They for sure don't want him to have nominated three members and even the threat of repealing the aca would be dead and couldn't even be used for a sound bite anymore to base rally anymore. Scalias death has been the best thing for politics in a long long time in the us of a. From rulings on unions to abortion it's been good and the federal appeals court is for sure an area I feel good about Dems controlling. Of course I expected a witch hunt but the thing about hillaries is just that it's so blatant and obviously partisan. Also bringing up anything Bill Clinton just has the smack of sexism in the way that people want to define a woman still by her husband. It's a line the republicans shouldn't go down but they will. The scariest thing about trump is exactly what u stated, who the hell knows what he really means or what he's really gonna do. I guess what's even scarier is how many people don't care about policy specifics but are just voting because they like or don't like her. Exit polls in West Virginia showed that four out of ten voting in democratic primary said they were independent or republicans and would be voting trump either way. The obvious major downside to an open state primary. I mean there parties candidate is locked up so what does it ,after if they vote sanders but don't intend to vote for him anyway. The good thing is of course is that Hillary could lose every primary left but as long as she wins at least seventeen percent she can't lose. Sanders is only helping trump at this point but what does he care as he's not a democrat anyway (that is unless he raises money with them and takes a part/take like he has in the past)
    8. Derek17
      Re: Posters in New York

      And then the media will report the violence at Trump events, implying that it is the Trump people to blame and say that Trump should "tell them to stop." That's the only narrative we get in the Canadian media. Sad!
    9. Derek17
      Re: Posters in New York

      To whom do you think we need to be gentle and kind? Certainly our families, friends, and neighbours. But beyond them I am curious to hear specifics.

      I look at Europe and I see violence. I see rape. I see disorder. I see cultural disregard and destruction. Kindness and gentility will not save Europe. Kindness and gentility will not save America and kindness and gentility will not allow us to maintain our Western principles.

      You know what the world really needs? To stop ignoring what is going on around us because it is too hard to face. It's easy to be weak and pretend that everything is perfectly fine. It's a lot harder to be strong and face the truth.
    10. Derek17
      Re: Posters in New York

      This is debatable and I respect your point of view. No one is saying Trump is an angel but personally I am glad he has made a point of saying "fuck political correctness" in a hyperbolic way because that is what society needs.

      Now the malice that really concerns me is the malice I see from Islam. Feminists and leftist activists are so quick to castigate Trump for words that they don't like or to tell Christians that their religion is evil. But what about the real malice? Our society is so cushy for these privileged activists that they have to invent things to get worked up about while there is real violence and human rights violations going on in the Middle East. And it's spreading into the West.

      So while the Islamic ideology tears apart our Western nations, the leftist activists hypocritically ignore what is going on, absolve a very flawed ideology, and continue to castigate pseudo-aggressors which predominately consist of white males.

      I am waiting for someone anywhere to justify the reasoning and the hypocrisy of the left. I have yet to hear any explanation. It's crazy!
    11. countthree
      Re: Posters in New York

      Maybe, I don't know. Honestly, I only care about USA because they have the power and will to invade other countries. When they need something that other countries have they look around, they spot it and they take it with the help of the usual international bootlickers. I'm not saying all US americans agree with this, but that's the behaviour of the government. Can you imagine a bully like Trump as the commander in chief of the army of bullies?

      PS: "left and right" is an old classification. It's not used in modern political theory.
    12. Derek17
      Re: Posters in New York

      I'm not necessarily directing all of this at you but let me just jump in and expand on the point you made.

      First let me ask what terms are used in modern political theory rather than "left" and "right" since I also tend to favour those bipolar terms. I am genuinely curious as to that as well as what use you think the distinctions of left and right have in modern politics if any.

      Good leaders have to be "bullies" sometimes. Tough love might make one appear to be a "bully" by the way but that doesn't mean that the tough love wasn't necessary. We should also be careful about making dispositional claims and ignoring the situational factors.

      I think there is far, far too much focus on Trump's character and public persona and in particular what are deemed to be his character flaws rather than focusing on the positive aspects of his character that make him a good leader especially during these difficult times and looking at policy and practicality.

      It's so easy to pick apart someone's persona and ignore everything else like it doesn't matter and debunking the person is the key to the issue. Bill Maher might be giving himself a pat on the back for making fun of Trump for acting like a little bitch while, to be quite honest, acting like a little bitch himself. But all of this tangential media clickbait is irrelevant even though it seems to be what drives the narrative among the superficial cluster of the public who are not that bothered to look deeper or just don't ultimately give a fuck about politics.

      Well I can tell you right now that dismissing Trump by making fun of his hair does not make ISIS disappear. Complaining that a joke Trump made is distasteful does not bring jobs back. Try again!
    13. Derek17
      Re: Posters in New York

      Clinton wanted a wall in 2006, now she claims not to. Clinton is just saying whatever the establishment tells her to. She is shamelessly pandering to the political hysterics who demand that the establishment left adopts their irrational and emotional beliefs that have no bearing in fact and cannot withstand objective scrutiny. But Clinton goes along with the requirements of these special interests because she will get a few more superficial votes regardless of what she actually believes.

      Neither Clinton nor any other Democrat wishes to stop illegal immigration anymore as a basic Democratic policy because continued illegal immigration ensures the expansion of their base such that they will be guaranteed perpetual electability. It is in their best interests to grant amnesty to as many illegals as possible as readily as possible.
    14. Anonymous
      Re: Posters in New York

      I disagree. I think most people just want control over immigration her included and the idea of mass deportation will not work. The Republican Party caused it though by not allowing people to pull social security numbers and by not stopping and punishing employers for hiring illegals but by trying to punish the illegal immigrant only. Regulations hurt businesses and take trickle down economics and all that. As for Clinton We live in a representative government. We elect people ideally to represent the will of the people and not to totally impose a personal doctrine which means that people and candidates need to compromise and find middle centrist positions in order for our government to work which I think she and her husband did and that she will do as well which means that I might also not be happy and that people might change there positions. I mean if an idea is tested and fails I'd like to see someone change there mind and position. We've had enough of partisan factionalism here as that's the cause of the gridlock we see now. It's a more adult position but the realalistic one as well. She should listen to what the stablishmnet has to say, she should listen to what sanders voters have to say, she should listen to what republicans have to say because if elected she will be president for all of them. We elect representatives not leaders. We have a house of representative not leader no matter what Cheney wants to call them
    15. Kilt Uncle
      Kilt Uncle
      Re: Posters in New York

      This maggot bellied, born into wealth, walking abortion Trump has refused to distance himself from the KKK. I can't believe that anyone with even a rumour of a brain thinks he's anything but a waste of space. This afterbirth makes Dubya Bush look like a towering intellect.

      Why pamper life's complexities when mental voids have all the answers? Simple things........
    16. Anonymous
      Illegal immigration from Mexico has been practically net 0 for the last 6 years or whatever it has been.
      Illegal immigrants contribute more to the economy than they take.
      Illegal immigrants (apart from being here illegally) are less likely to commit crimes than citizens.
      Basically it's racism that is pulling the strings behind the movements of protecting American jobs and people.

      Now about pandering...
      They all do it...but we seem to be ganging up on Hillary.
      Trump will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it. When Mexico made comments about this. "That wall just got 10 feet taller!" Now that is saying what your constituents want to hear.
      I will pay off the debt in 8 years.
      I will bargain with our debt holders and force them to take less interest.
      Bernie wants free college and other liberal/European socialism policies here...but no way will a Congress protected by gerrymandering and propelled by bigotry, greed, and racism give him anything of what he wants.
      Just look at Medicare D....passed during Bush...The US government is forbidden to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies for lower drug prices even though they are the largest consumer. No bulk buys here to save the Government money at the cost of Big Pharm bottom line.

      Lets take a closer look at the wall
      The wall won't do much to stop people coming in. Tunnels, ladders, ropes, holes made in wall, gaps in areas where they can't build. And will they wall off access to the Rio?
      The better the wall...the more likely they will stay here illegally once they come for work. The more difficult to go back and forth...the more likely they will stay where the work is. (they did studies comparing the 60's and 70's and how laws changed)
      The wall can never be completed without violating individual land rights as the Government does not own the entire border. This is a principle many staunch Republicans stand by.
      Mexico will not be paying for the wall.

      Better "walls" would include....
      1) Legalize pot ( to help lessen the cartel violence)
      2) Put the burden of proof of employing legal workers on the employer again.
    17. Anonymous
      The Washington post just had an article about a man caught in Delaware who had been reported four times and was caught again in the same place. First time arrested with money and cocaine with intent to distribute. Third time arrested as for theft and the last time was four I think with a gun and he had a bag of cash with five thousand. This kind of stuff frightens people. The Ohio killings they think are related to cartels. The twenty seven arrested in Texas for child prostitution drugs guns all here illegally. The cartel hitman on tial for a brake daylight execution not to mention some cartel boss caught living in a mansion in some southern suburb. This stuff is why peolle wanna control a border. Causual racism gets exacerbated with all of the fear but it's not really about jobs, what jobs, in about the fear of organized crime being able to walk in and set up shop. If anything I think Americans would be more about invading Mexico than anywhere else in The world including the middle East. Don't know about corporate America, there interests are elsewhere, but average Americans would be all about it
    18. Anonymous
      Something I found funny. Sanders has raised like ninety million from small working class people and used it to fund his campaigne by buying tv ads renting offices and stadiums halls for speeches as well as hiring professional staff and advisors. He's literally taking average and poor Americans money and redistributing it to media conglomerates and high paid elites and property owners. Irony
    19. countthree
      Re: Posters in New York

      I don' find Trump funny. On the contrary. Did you know German intellectuality used to mock Hitler before he reached the power? There's nothing funny about psycopaths. They tell you what you want to hear until they have power over your life, they make you believe they can ignore rules by a superior good, that you can justify bully or discrimination in some "serious" situations, etc. Then you find yourself in the middle of a nightmare asking what happened I didn't see it coming. Please, are you so blind that you can't see a notorious sociopath? Do you believe he is a magician that will solve all your problems? No, he will crush some people to favour another people, but mainly he will benefit himself at any cost. Will you be the crushed or the crusher?
      Good leaders do the right thing.
    20. Anonymous
      Re: Posters in New York

      I think his frequent use of eminent domain and the lawsuits against the average person are a good example of the president he'd be. There's not gonna be some big racist agenda in any real sense, that's the last gasp of a previous shrinking generation. The discriminatory wave that's coming in reality is gonna be economic and if he wins its gonna be bad and make today's worry look like a holiday

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