Political posters in New York

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By Uncleskinny on May 7, 2016 at 1:08 PM
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    1. 12" on the slack
      12" on the slack
      Re: Posters in New York

      That Trump is a racist, misogynist and bully really needs no further explanation or "proof". No, Islam isn't a race and illegal aliens aren't a race and voicing concerns about immigration and Islam isn't automatically racist but saying Mexican immigrants are rapists IS racist.

      He didn't say illegal immigration is a problem, he said that Mexican immigrants are rapists. He called supporters who beat up a homeless Latino man "passionate". He condoned the beating of a Black Lives Matter protester.

      Then there was this little gem: "Our great African-American President hasn't exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying Baltimore."

      Not racist at all. Nooo. Not one bit.

      What's worse, Trump often answers accusations of bigotry by loudly protesting that he actually loves the group in question. There's something about the language he uses that is so off. He's treating all the members of the group — all the individual human beings — as essentially the same and interchangeable and it's incredibly belittling. Virtually every time Trump mentions a minority, he uses the definite article the, as in "the Hispanics", "the Muslims", "the blacks" and "the gays". (Of course, he has "fabulous gay friends" yet feels compelled to point out he is a "traditionalist").

      And since when is saying "the Japs" (yes, he said that!) OK?

      Then he has his photo taken eating some taco bowls to prove that he "loves the Hispanics".

      And if you still don't understand that he's a nasty bully then there's always this:

      About Sanders: by this point in the debate cycle, Sanders should have some specifics on things, like how he'd pay for his proposals without raising the debt, hurting businesses or crushing the middle class. He can't specify how he'd break up the banks, which he said he'd let them do themselves somehow. He is also vague about climate change, thinks it'll all sort itself out somehow. He has nothing. He never has anything.

      And then there's the finger wagging and the rape fantasies. Unpleasant old creep.

      I really don't understand this "gentle and kind" thing at all.

      He’s just as much of a self-serving asshole as the others. What bothers me most is his shift in tone now that it's obvious he's losing. His attacks on Hillary are counterproductive and only increasing the likelihood that Trump could pull off the unthinkable. In 2008 at the end of the primaries, Hillary was gracious in defeat and immediately supported Obama. Bernie doesn't seem to want to do that. He has a decision to make: does he want to be a respected elder statesman with power and influence, or does he want to be the footnote in history that cost the first female nominee to lose and gave us president Trump?
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    2. Derek17
      Re: Posters in New York

      Get over what? Hillary's criminality? Tell that to the FBI!

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    3. Derek17
      Re: Posters in New York

      -Saying "they're rapists" ALONG WITH OTHER THINGS in reference to the WORST OF THE WORST of the ILLEGAL ALIENS says nothing about Mexicans or legal immigrants generally. Don't be disingenuous. The media have already beaten that path to death.

      -Mentioning Obama's race with regard to racial issues is not racist. Calling thugs "thugs" is not racist. Again, that's very disingenuous. Morrissey's comments about Obama could easily be deemed racist. Trump pointing out that Obama, being black, is failing to be a role model to black American youth is a fair point. Why are blacks in such bad shape under a black president? Which brings in Morrissey's take: perhaps he's white inside. The evidence supports it.

      -OK... so him saying good things about people means he's actually saying bad things. Sorry but that's called unfalsifiability: no matter what, your theory can be changed at your convenience to meet your hypothesis. That's no good! Trump has employed all kinds of people. If he was really a racist, sexist, evil person, don't you think over all these years there would be tons of people coming out and saying how horrible he is? Quite the opposite. But again, he isn't perfect. I'm not saying he is or that he's super nice and cuddly. But there's no evidence to those empty claims of "racist, sexist" etc. EVERYTHING the Left disagrees with seems to be hit with one of those empty labels. If you want them to actually mean something, stop throwing them around like candy!

      Watch this: https://twitter.com/bakedalaska/status/728715335310839808

      Trump came on strong at the outset of his campaign and was deliberately controversial which rubbed some people the wrong way. But the media jumped all over it and did exactly what he needed and wanted. He aimed to open dialogue on important issues and he succeeded massively. He has run his campaign brilliantly overall so far and I don't even think the media realized how he had totally played them until it was too late.

      Love or hate Trump as a person, he knows how to negotiate, he understands practicality, and he's looking to get people working rather than enabling them with handouts.

      As for Sanders, I'm really impartial. He at least seems genuine even if his policies don't seem to hold water. I would take him over the criminal and liar Hillary but that isn't saying much. I don't think he has laid out anything compelling.
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    4. Anonymous
      Re: Posters in New York

      Slightly off topic but i'm visiting New York in June. Is there any bars/areas/landmarks that would interest a Morrissey fan in NY? Thanks.
    5. 12" on the slack
      12" on the slack
      Re: Posters in New York

      The worst of the worst of the illegal aliens might be rapists, but the worst of the worst of American citizens are rapists, murderers and pedophiles, too. It would be enough to just say "we don't want illegal immigration because it is, well, illegal".

      Mentioning Obama's skin colour with regard to "racial issues" is not necessarily racist, but mentioning his skin colour while trying to make a point about structural problems in the United States IS racist. Obama's skin colour is of no relevance when debating crime in the US.

      He isn't saying "good" things about minorities, that was my whole point. He is being an extremely belittling cunt with his choice of words while thinking he is saying good things. "I love eating taco bowls" isn’t a "good thing" to say about Hispanics - it’s extremely smug and belittling.

      Anyway, Hillary will be the next President of the United States of America. Orangina has a snowball's chance in hell. I urge you to

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    6. countthree
      Re: Posters in New York

      20th century / Germany / economic crisis / jews / Hitler

      21th century / USA / economic crisis / immigrants / Trump

      History teaches, people don't learn
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    7. Anonymous
      Re: Posters in New York

      i didnt ask if you read newsweek i asked if you read the article i posted here from newsweek but you wont because it refutes your other "points". why should i watch your video if you wont read an article. i think her switch on gay marriage is a case of a politician admitting they were wrong. in a representative government theyre becoming president for everyone and its not like she was against gay marriage, she and her husband (of course shes gonna be judged by what her husband does) was to find a middle ground that worked in civil unions. it didnt and when it could happen, gay marriage, she supported it. i dont like factionalism and i dont wan us to become a country of factionalism. you wont read the interview with sanders you wont read the article but want other people to listen to your points and watch your videos and take you seriously to vote for someone who might will have influence over peoples lives. you sound like a supporter factionalism and should grow up when something adult is discussed. its not very adult to only listen to those that already support your own point of view
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    8. Anonymous
      Re: Posters in New York

      I love this. You appear to have shifted yourself further and further to the right in order to fall into line with Moz's barrage of indecisive statements in the NME and some of his music that you are completely and utterly bewildered when he supports a (not really) left wing candidate. Try and come up with some of your own opinions instead of falling in line with the image of Morrissey's "Englishness" exacerbated by the media.

      You're a reactionary and a conformist and nothing more.
    9. Anonymous
      Re: Posters in New York

      FFS, yes but there is no such thing as the worst of the worst american citizens immigrating to Mexico.
      This Trump thing is all about PC. So he mocks a disabled reporter, big fing deal. Trump is mocked 24/7 by the PC crowd.
    10. Uncleskinny
      Re: Posters in New York

      There's a huge difference between mocking someone for something they cannot change about themselves and mocking someone for being a fucking asshole. If I didn't know any better I'd say you just tried to normalise the former.
    11. Anonymous
      Re: Posters in New York

      Are you implying that the people who place themselves in positions of power have no responsibility to the electorate itself? Oh course Trump should be taken to task on everything he says, he's hoping to win a democratic election. Get a grip.
    12. 12" on the slack
      12" on the slack
      Re: Posters in New York

      There isn't?

      BTW, it's "immigrate from" and "emigrate to". You're welcome.

      Mocking disabled people says a lot about a person's character. If you find that mocking disabled people is somehow OK and that this is acceptable behaviour for a presidential candidate you really cannot be helped.

      God the amount of fucking arseholes on here.
    13. Anonymous
      I thought Morrissey didn't like democracy? "Each time you vote for Bernie, you support the process' etc I'm confused. :(
    14. Anonymous
      i think you are confused. the lyric expressed an uncertainty and split mind. he could also be talking about, as he mentions various countries, a corrupted democratic process or one thats only democratic in name to use the illusion of democracy to support tyranny and abuses. the lyric is unspecific for a reason as hes not one shy about being direct when needed or desired
    15. evennow
      Re: Posters in New York

      It is this and most likely only this that would win him the election. One of his biggest problems is he sees the country as a corporation and not a nation. The president is not the CEO of America. Does he have the ability to build a consensus, to entrust support on all the issues that he has laid out in his campaign?

      As you pointed out he has done what was necessary to secure his place as nominee. But at what cost? He has polarized the country's opinion of him so much that he will be lucky to win by a hanging chad if at all.
    16. Uncleskinny
      The lyric is not unspecific, and you are utterly wrong. See the second to last paragraph here...


      "Like Russell, I believe that the most powerful vote you can give is No Vote"

      I note you are wont to try and twist words to suit your agenda when facts would serve you better.
    17. evennow
      Morrissey likes anything that gets him two inches in the daily newspaper. I thought everyone knew this. ;)
    18. Anonymous
      Re: Posters in New York

      he won the nomination because the republican party did nothing to address the issues of the base. they had nothing to offer anyone but there donors. true conservative officials san say he sounds like a democrat at times but this is exactly why he won as theyre the ones who did address there economic problems but held to even more conservative points on immigration crime. you have no idea how worried americans are worried about mexican cartels as well as any terrorism issues that might happen such as in paris. these are all good articles on why the republican party elected trump

      the defeat of true conservatism (daily intelligencer)

      Donald Trump's victory proves Republican voters want resentful nationalism, not principled conservatism (from vox)

      trunp has won and the republican party is broken (daily intelligencer)

      and heres one that those here talking about minority voters should look at when talking about minorities and trump

      minorities line up behind donald trump (from wnd)

      he didnt win so large in the atlantic coast states without getting minority votes. i know some dont like reading articles and ionstead prefer youtube videos or the like but try reading them. i think its worth it and very relevant to the topic being discussed
    19. Anonymous
      Democracy doesn't exist. If it did, your voice would be heard. Current political system is corrupted. Money = power and Trump is doing his best job ever. People are being pushed to the limit and exercised like circus animals. The 50s, 60s and 70s were the last decades where people were allowed to express their civil liberties. That has been aggressively suppressed by the political power. It really doesn't matter who is the president, it might as well be Richard Simmons. Nothing will change. Sadly, people will go out there, put there trust into someone hands and wait for the disaster to unfold.
    20. evennow
      But that's the point. His main public voice is TTY. Lately it feels like his posts are designed to be picked up by any news wire that will scoop it up. Remember when he used to focus his writings on producing quality lyrics? Oh...the good old days. He is a pop singer after all not an intellectual. Some people here have lost sight of that.

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