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... i know it's over :straightface:



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Record low uninsured rates are a disaster. The end of arbitration is a disaster. The justice department investigating further police forces a disaster. Employment up from a record recession disaster. More overtime pay for working people a disaster. The rule helping stop workers being labeled as to contract employees but government employees. His efforts in clemency. This is just what he's accomplished with executive action mainly as Congress has been nothing but obstructive to My action that could help people. They just went on vacation before even securing money to stop zika before it spreads here despite his administration's effect efforts to stop ebolA. His appointments go the supreme Court have also been wonderful in There support of unions and reproductive rights as well as being a woman which was mjch needed on that court and an under represented minority as Trump berates the judge presiding over his Trump university case for being Mexican. He also did Friday that there was no drought in california. Hell say anything to anyone to get a vote. To a lesser degree I think Sanders will as well
Yup. America is amazing right now--couldn't be better! Obama has been amazing!



Yup. America is amazing right now--couldn't be better! Obama has been amazing!

The only things that have made America better have come from his executive actions which I've listed here a number of times and we've recovered much better from the recession than could have been ha we a republican in office to continue the policies that got us there. Maybe coal will save us like trump says he'll bring back its business. Maybe he'll open up the water in California and that'll save us as well from the contrived drought. Maybe all the immigrants trying to get here will suddenly up and leave for Canada. Personally my life is very nice and lazy so I can't complain to much

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