Political posters in New York

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By Uncleskinny on May 7, 2016 at 1:08 PM
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    1. joe frady
      joe frady
      Re: Posters in New York

      ... i know it's over :straightface:
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    2. Derek17
      Re: Posters in New York

      The only "hate" involving Donald Trump comes from the violent and irrational people who protest him.

      I like Sanders as a person but he has no hope against the establishment. Clinton, whether she should even be allowed to remain in the race or not, will beat Bernie regardless of the will of the Democratic voters.

      If Morrissey supports Hillary he might as well go kiss Queen Elizabeth's feet.
    3. Calamine Lotion
      Calamine Lotion
      Re: Posters in New York

      Trump is obviously a very hateful person and, like Hillary, a proven liar. I wouldn't vote for either of them to clean my toilet.
    4. Derek17
      Re: Posters in New York

      The only evidence I ever see of that is the predictable misquotes and lies. If you have something compelling to share, I'm all ears.

      Like Trump or dislike him, he's addressing the issues that need to be addressed. Lots of people don't like Trump's style but that's irrelevant to him succeeding as the President. Deflecting from the real issues by shifting the focus to tangential and misrepresentative things about Trump as a person is what the media has been trying and failing at.

      Bernie seems like a pretty nice guy but that really has no bearing in deciding who to support. Being nice and trying to please everyone even though doing so is impossible and detrimental just doesn't work. All the folks on the Left do that these days, even Hillary, which is why her policies change all the time depending on what her party requires her to say, which unfortunately often conflicts with the personal views she's shared in the past. She used to support building a wall but now she doesn't since it goes against her party's interests. Same-sex marriage? Who knows what she herself believes. She'll say whatever she has to.

      But ultimately being nice or pandering to special interests is unsubstantial nonsense that has nothing to do with defining actual policies and addressing the practicalities that America faces.
    5. Calamine Lotion
      Calamine Lotion
      Re: Posters in New York

      Yes, she's a liar, and obviously bought and paid for, and will say whatever she has to. Believe me, I probably hate the Democratic Party more than you do and I used to vote for them.
      Trump says Mexico "sends rapists," and has said it more than once. Some of the people that immigrate without the legal documents are criminals, or find their way into criminal enterprise when they get here, but he sounds like he's using old arguments about Cuba. Yes, Cuba sent prisoners here to get rid of them, but Mexico isn't "sending rapists."
      That's just one example and it's his own words, not some innuendo. He also changes his position on key issues to say what he thinks will work, and he has a pretty good ear for what many US citizens do want to hear. Do these people vote? I don't know. We'll see. In the past the Republican's big advantage was that their people actually went to the polls. Obama got a lot of people to vote who never voted before, but are they going to vote for Hillary? I doubt it.
      Trump and Hillary are both reviled by large portions of the nation including many who belong to or support their own parties. If those are the two candidates I predict record low voter turnout.
    6. Anonymous
      Re: Posters in New York

      Sanders is full of it and so incompitant he couldn't even explain his own positions and how to achieve them when given he chance in Interviews. He's blamed black people in the South for being to conservative, the only peoe to my memory to actually achieve a real revolution with there lives on the line, and recently poor people for his most recent significant loss. He's a lair in saying that superdelegates should represent the will o the people and nominate him even though he's gotten less votes. Declared there influence a rigging of the system and now is begging them to make him the nominee even though less people voted for him. Sounds like a hypocritical liar to me and just really self centered and somewhat delusional. Why didn't people care when Colin Powell used a private email. He admitted it to the press not long ago and no one's talked about it since. Clinton's already done more for the poor and those in the fringes than Sanders ever has. As for Trump, he was the most liberal Republican candidate out of all fourteen or fifteen candidates that ran. Not a rwlious nut, sent want to change abortion laws, supported repeal of the transgender bathroom law and said planned parenthood should stay open. Not a good candidate but he was the best out of that lot for sure
    7. Calamine Lotion
      Calamine Lotion
      Re: Posters in New York

      2/10 did not feel rage
    8. Derek17
      Re: Posters in New York

      I think you're interpreting "sending" as intentional or active on Mexico's part but I don't believe he meant it that way. He meant it more in the sense of a conveyor belt: the people are coming from Mexico and often from other central American nations through Mexico and into the United States. Mexico is the hub and the illegal immigrants are allowed to use Mexico to gain entry. Sort of like saying Canada sends a lot of drugs across the border. America then receives the illegal aliens or drugs.

      Mexico does have rapists cross the border in disproportionate numbers. Trump made the point that a lot of Mexico's very worst cross the border, which is unfortunate for America. Of course the mainstream media took his statement and twisted it to suggest that he said "all Mexicans are rapists" which he never said.

      Really, record low voter turnout? I think you have a point there in regard to Hillary. But Trump is setting records for voter turnout so far.
    9. Derek17
      Re: Posters in New York

      Hillary won't do much for the poor if Obama didn't. Those two are establishment through and through.

      Sanders genuinely wants to help the poor but his policies really don't benefit the poor. More government handouts only enable unemployment and raising the minimum wage for jobs that just aren't there is hardly going to get more low-income folks into the workforce.

      Trump's policies do the most to help the poor. Trump will help the blacks ironically more than Obama has. The LEGAL immigrants and low-income whites also stand to benefit. Anyone who is willing and determined to work will have much more opportunity as a result of Trump's policies. Everyone else is content to let America's poorest continue to struggle while criminals who aren't even American (and the richest of the Leftist superstructure) reap the benefits.
    10. Derek17
      Re: Posters in New York

      Wow. I just re-read Morrissey's Larry King interview from last summer and indeed he endorsed Hillary as I thought I might have remembered.


      From Breitbart: “I think she shows an earnest composure, whereas all of the Republican candidates are dangerously reactionary and occasionally insane,” he said, adding, “I don’t think Clinton has even begun to dig into the race yet, and when she does she will gain massive support.”

      As for Trump, whose support hit 40 percent in the Gravis Marketing poll Wednesday, the singer said, “Can you imagine the international stage announcing the arrival of President Trump?… On the basis of his name alone he can’t be allowed to represent America.”

      Morrissey added, “The world does not want to look at Donald Trump’s face for years to come.”

      I am finding it very difficult to align myself with Morrissey these days. He calls Obama white inside and complains about the police and blacks being gunned down and supports... Hillary. Oh my!

      Black on black killings are a much bigger problem anyway. So is crime among lower-income folks of any race generally. People need their livelihoods back. People need jobs. They need direction in life and a way to thrive. Improving employment opportunities alone I bet would make race relations (and relations among those of one's own race) seem so much better even just because people will have a means to expend their energies productively and positively. I think most crime and violence is tied much more to wealth (lack thereof) and the frustrations that come with that than it is with race. Racial tensions and "white killer cops" are just distractions from the real issue and really aren't supported by crime statistics anyway.
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    11. 12" on the slack
      12" on the slack
      Re: Posters in New York

      Trump is a racist, bigoted bully offering simple solutions to complex problems to simple minded people.

      Bernie is a doddering old fool.

      Hillary is the least bad option.
    12. Derek17
      Re: Posters in New York

      OK those are theses. But I would be interested in seeing your reasoning and evidence for all of the above.

      Let's keep in mind that "illegal aliens" and "radical Muslims" are not races. It would be disingenuous and insulting to suggest that they are. Although the Left and the media have of course already done that!
    13. Anonymous
      Re: Posters in New York

      i dont know if you know exactly how american politics work but to really do anything they need the congress who sets the budget which is currently controlled by republicans. what can sanders accomplish that hes stated so far withoutn them. most recently they didnt even hear obamas budget proposal which was an an unprecedented act or even give a hearing to his judicial nominee, hes appointed two so far and yes they non the bench did help the poor even with the union ruling not long ago, which is even crazier. just t refute your uninformed point of course obama just took an executive action to end arbitration which will for sure help the poor and the common man as theyll be able to take conglomerates and large corporations to court and sue them instead of being forced to deal with them privately. thats a big deal. if they wanna raise pay like the federal minimum wage or give the poor more workplace protections then the focus needs to be on congress
    14. Anonymous
    15. marred
      Re: Posters in New York

      What's it like in that parallel universe you're living in?
    16. Anonymous
      Re: Posters in New York

      i know. the will has been expressed pretty clearly by her winning so many more votes than he. the problem with trumps remarks adn the hateful tone is that they do sort of reflect the anger of a lot of people working and middle class. just for reference to those who might think that trump is only supported by poor uneducated voters the average salary of a trump supporter is 72000 which is still pretty middle class. when san bernardino shooting happened a lot of people were mad that they were not screened very efficiently. mowst of those people dont want a ban but if its between, in there minds, banning and keeping the process as it is then they would take the ban. when he speaks of mexico he taps into peoples frustration of americans being displaced in the workplace but they are also very warry of cartel crime and violence spreading here and having no ability to combat it and not seeeiing anything being done to address it. a wall is stupid and wont accomplish anything but it does taps into the anger that people have for the mexican government who almost everyone here believes are in league with cartels and does nothing to stem the tide of people crossing the boarder and in lieu of nothing being done theyll take the candidate who wants to openly punish mexico. it does even seem to be effective with the former president of mexico publicly apologizing to trump because hopefully he now realizes that the anger that americans have with the country, almost all americans, is a very real and growing problem with some legitimate points. hes fear mongering for sure and theres some xenophobic issues for sure but the reason hes reaching so many many people is that hes fear mongering on issues and topics with roots that are legitimate to a lot of americans. same with nato. theres a large portion of young people here tired of paying for countries tht dont meet there agreements and commitments to spend the three percent of there gdp on defense and would vote to pull out of nato right now and just put the money in schools here (as if it would get spent on that but thats the idea)
    17. AztecCamera
      Morrissey for President! I am so happy I got my shirt at the NYE show in LA 5 months ago. All sold out at MPorium! I reckon I wonder why he never made any shirts that said "Morrissey for Mayor of London". Hmmmmm. I reckon. Anonymous-
    18. MozRecording
      Re: Posters in New York

      So, the only evidence you ever see is all the evidence but you refuse to believe it. Nice. Now go away you fucktard.
    19. Anonymous
      Re: Posters in New York

      for those who want to mention the clinton "e-mail scandal" is a piece from newsweek

      "Colin Powell and aides to Condoleezza Rice trafficked in classified information on their personal email accounts." just for sake of reference for those who dont know these were the two secretaries of state before clinton but both were republicans. article talks about both doing exactly the same as clinton but with no outcry from the party trying to make something now that shes running for president. also talks about the top secret info used by those accounts


      does anyone have anything to say or debate about clinton vs sanders. anyone

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