PlayLouder review of Morrissey at Reading




Morrissey is outstanding. “You are a sight for sore eyes, and these are very sore eyes,” he says, before launching into a resplendent ‘How Soon Is Now’. ‘First of the Gang to Die’ is of course a newie, and the young crowd know all the words to this one and get really into it, especially the “He stole all hearts away, hahey, away” bit, which is clearly the product of genetic research into the perfect singalong material. Already it sounds like a Moz classic. All the others get the singalong treatment too though, especially a mighty fine “Shoplifters of the World Unite.” Oh but the volume here is low – rumour has it that the big nasty council has turned Reading’s volume switch down, or that there are more stages than before and they have moved closer to the main one, thus meaning that there biggie has to shush a bit. Whatever the reason, there’s a noticeable quietness this year, commented on by most everyone I meet.

Morrissey gets very locale specific – from explaining that ‘I Like You’ was recorded in the area, to announcing that all his musicians came directly from Reading Gaol (he really is Oscar Wilde tonight, although he tells us he is Sacha Distel) to disclosing that he was once stopped for speeding in nearby Caversham, resulting in a £60 fine and three points on his license. The man knows where he is, even if he thinks he’s a dead Frenchman.
“If you’ve seen Emmerdale lately you’ll know that the world is full of crashing bores,” he smiles, as introduction to the obvious. “Take me in your arms and love me,” he sings and oh how we do.

PlayLouder review of Reading Day 2 (Morrissey, NY Dolls, FF etc.)
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