Friday March 12, 2004
The creators of Echo is Electro present a new party to electrify the lower
east side of Sunset Blvd:
featuring the debut live performance from
Levinhurst (featuring Lol Tolhurst, founding member of the CURE)
+ DJs
Dave Sleaze
Saint Patrick
and more tba

Plastique at The Echo
1822 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026 (just East of Alvarado)
18+ // 9:00pm - 2:00am // $10 advance
Day of show: $7 before 10:00pm, $10 afterwards
Click Here for advance tickets
Artist bio and images:
Artist site:



Artist bio/press release:


Laurence "Lol" Tolhurst was born on the Third of February 1959, years later
he would discover that it was the very day that Buddy Holly passed on...

...five years later two little boys at their first day of school would

Lol Tolhurst and Robert Smith would start on a journey that would take them
to the very pinnacle of musical success. In adolescence, Lol and Robert
discovered that they shared a similar vision to form a group like the ones
that influenced them. This simple inspiration would create one of the most
influential, critically acclaimed and commercially successful groups of
modern times: The Cure. From 1978 onwards, Lol and The Cure would chart an
impressive selection of achievements:

* Well over 27 million units sold worldwide
* Extensive touring covering all the continents
* 40 Platinum and Gold plaques in the US, Europe and Japan
* Co-writing many of the group's big hits including "Let's Go To Bed",
"The Walk" and "The Caterpillar"
* Over 20 landmark award-winning music videos

Now, fast forward into the 21st century. Hot new artists ranging from
Coldplay to The Rapture and Hot Hot Heat have repeatedly cited The Cure as
major influence. The strident beats/drums of the Cure's masterpiece
Pornography and innovative, new wave keyboard licks he pioneered in classic
albums like Head On The Door are now being constantly referenced by
throwback bands such as The Faint and Fischerspooner. Upon feeling this
resurgence, Lol dove headfirst back into the studio with his new project:
Levinhurst. Levinhurst is a suave, exotic group comprised of Lol's
keyboards, beats, and sonic landscaping against the stirring vocals of
Levinson and intricate musical crafting by Dayton Borders. Cindy's Eurasian
lineage adds an ethereal, dreamy feel that incorporates everything from
rock, trip-hop, blues and even Middle Eastern ragaas. Layer that on top of
Lol's mixture of retro keyboard phrases/riffs/colors with Dayton's
intriguing instrumental work and the result leaps into the future as much
it acknowledges his past. The resulting album, Perfect Life, covers that
gamut quite nicely with a wider musical range than most electro artists
attempt to fill. The minimalist approach of "Let's Go" fits nicely with the
down-beat sitar tinged "Sad Man." The Giorgio Moroder-pulsing bassline of
"Sorrow" feels just at home near the tribal beats that "More/Mad" devolves
into. Add in addictive songwriting and you have an album that will appeal
to old Cure fans alongside newcomers to the Electro genre. The album will
be released by Full Contact in March 2004.

"I wanted to do something positive now as I have felt inspired by recent
trends in music," says Lol. "It feels to me like when I first started
making music, which seemed like a good enough reason to do some more!" It
is this inspiration that Lol used as a start off point for further sonic
experiments. "Listening to new artists utilize the sound I helped develop
inspired me to reach now for new sounds in the studio. The finished CD,
Perfect Life, is easily the most exhilarating project I've been able to
on since the early Cure records." The timing for Perfect Life couldn't be
more perfect as 2003 marks the 25th anniversary of The Cure. In addition
first time eligibility for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, active plans are
the works for remastering the entire Cure catalog. "It's amazing to me
The Cure still has this much viability and resonance so many years later,"
remarks Lol. "If you had told the schoolboy versions of Robert and myself
this is where we'd end up, we wouldn't have believed it!" It sounds like
Perfect Life was the most appropriate title Laurence could have given to
Levinhurst CD.

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