Plane flies over Capitol Records with Morrissey sign... (October 13, 2023)

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I just saw a plane fly over Capitol Records with a sign Release Moz's "Bonfire of Teenagers"! Must have been some sort of protest. Not sure they misspelled Moz??


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Oprah Winfrey, Ricki Lake, is it real, or is it fake?
As someone else points out, I think someone wants to get on central on the join the list. Probs that mad Rosy chick.
But this should shake Capitol up 🙄
the gap between the plane and the sign looks too big,there has to be a gap but that is huge.
I can imagine a rich fan spending money on a stunt like this but I can't imagine any fan misspelling "Moz". If anything, it reminds me more of accusing M of far-right sympathies ("Moz" = "Nazi" = "Mozi"), but it's too oblique to really make that point. So it's most likely just somebody fooling around with Photoshop.
That mad Spanish-speaking woman who posts on here, doesn’t she call him “Mozi”?
Riddle solved.
I saw a lady in weatherspoons cardiff yesterday wearing a bonfire of teenagers t shirt. It was the highlight of my day
I was at the Connect music festival in Edinburgh in August , saw a guy wearing that t-shirt, had to go over & wish him well / great to see another fan rocking the Moz’s colours at a festival.
Kinda took me by surprise given the lineup at Connect there was another one of us at the same show :)lol
Footage of said plane flying past:

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