Plane flies over Capitol Records with Morrissey sign... (October 13, 2023)

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I just saw a plane fly over Capitol Records with a sign Release Moz's "Bonfire of Teenagers"! Must have been some sort of protest. Not sure they misspelled Moz??


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You gotta be kidding me. How flattering to be called Mozi right after you're apparently bitten by an infected one. Cringe.
That's the saddest attempt to get on to Central there's ever been.

And going by the timing it's just so they can tell lies about the song's content.
Well, people are driven to desperation by love I guess. It won’t work, these type of things never work.
I saw a lady in weatherspoons cardiff yesterday wearing a bonfire of teenagers t shirt. It was the highlight of my day
Ouch. I get the adoration, but I don't know which is more embarrassing - the blatant attempt to curry favour and get on Central/The Guest List, or the misspelling of 'Mozi'.

Dude have fixed this in Photoshop first - or maybe just save your cash on a real plane and fake the whole thing. Probably AI art bots that could do it in seconds. Sam would never know the difference.
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