Clandestine global evil
Years ago. I used to absolutely adore their first album and actually had the same hair and make-up wearing tendencies as Brian when I was 16 :D but the rest of their stuff was uninspired to say the least. The first one is the only one I listen to with any regularity.
I love them up until SWG, which was just okay... BMM was their last record I thought was pretty good. I love their first three records in fact.


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LOVE Placebo! SWG was not their best stuff but I think they made up for it with Meds.

marilyn manson

came to see the mOBSCENE
loved them

saw them live

hate them.

the only thing i like about them now are the lyrics to the hidden song on the second album

and the nancy boy alternative video.


Yes I love them. Seen them 2 times live. Molko is a dickhead to his fans but I do love the band. First 3 albums are far superior to the last 2.


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I listened to some placebo when I was at my friend's house and absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, I never got the name of the CD and now she can't remember. I dread wading through their catalog of music on the one hand; on the other, I might find some of their stuff I like more.

Recommendations as to where to start?
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