Pixies "Doolittle Tour"


It's all good


My Heart Goes PiffPafPoff
Anyone else going? Got my tix for Glasgow this morning. Can't wait, since this is one of the landmark albums of all time IMO, and I haven't had a chance to see them since the Trompe Le Monde tour in 91.


My two daughters got their tixs for Glasgow although they are sooo disappointed it is not the Barrowlands! They were privileged to see and hear Frank performing outside the Big Issue offices in Glasgow last year and got chatting to him which they loved.

Personally, I love the track No. 13 Baby and when I hear it I am reminded of the song The Passions - I'm in love with a German film star. I love both tracks but Doolittle is such a great album!! Long live The Pixies! :guitar:
Yeah, I don't know why they are using the SECC since the entire gig is standing only? I guess that means they are only selling the floor and not the seats... Barras would be great, but obviously I think it's just too small, or they would have to do like 5 nights. Whatever, I never saw any of their reunion gigs because I had that stupid notion that I didn't want to spoil the memories of the times I saw them originally, but too hear Doolittle played from beginning to end is just like a wet dream come true. I can't wait; October is so far away!
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