Pitchfork's worst album covers of all time

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    I cannot imagine how they passed this one over:
  3. > Hilarious

    Dear god! I never knew Corey Feldmen released an album? it took a worse shit then his career did, if that's possible?
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    some of those record covers are very very good actually

    some of those record covers are very very good actually,

    really, I would like to have the part chimp ones......very good. Pichfork is not right in the head
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    German newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung" has been running a similar feature for some time.... they reduced it to 50 now but they used to have loads, including that of a certain band called Fury in the Slaughterhouse. I used to work for that band so I kinda felt personally insulted.

    The cover showed the insides of a human ear as shown on a medical chart. The album was appropriately called "the hearing and the sense of balance". I guess it made sense at the time.

    Anyway, a great laugh....

    (Instruction for non-German speakers: After you've clicked the link, click the first image and then go forward by clicking "nächstes Bild" in the right-hand corner)

    The 50 worst album covers of all times according to Sueddeutsche Zeitung
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    Re: Dear God, never knew Americans used chemical weapons against Iraqi civilians in falujah

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