Pitchfork review by Mina Tavakoli - IANADOAC 6.1/10

As a Latin American Moz's fan I don't think "disproportionate number" means what you think. I think she meant that we might not quite "get" Morrissey, both as man and artist. Well, speaking for myself, of course, I must tell you that I do get Morrissey. Totally. I and I love the man and the artist.

Thanks for your input. It’s amazing how absurd and racist woke hipsters are when they’re trying to paint someone as a racist, isn’t it?
I think most people are in agreement that Pitchfork reviews are crap these days (they were great a LONG time ago).

I'd agree with the score. Maybe a 7/10 would be more accurate (IMO). It certainly the best thing he's done in a while.. I think I said this for his last album (which I didn't care for). If The Queen is Dead is a 10/10 (which I'm sure most of us would agree with)...then this is a few notches below that (at least).

It does frustrate me that many reviews take a jab at Moz's recent ignorant comments. I don't agree with almost everything controversial he's said, but nothing has been so horrible that I'd stop listening to him.
i am not a dog on a chain review
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