Picture by artist Dawn Mellor


Love me outside Mzlicious
"a painted portrait of Morrissey['s Bona Drag cover] with paint brushes sticking into his face and body and blood streaming out in arcs"

Since it is not a pretty sight at all, please scroll down if you really want to see it.

But far nicer than the rest on the exhibition which is really a 'car crash of high art and horror kitsch'.

Reminds me of
the imagery of St. Sebastian (usually with arrows all over the scatily-clad body)
Morrissey photographed for the May 2006 issue of Uncut magazine esp. 'St. Morrissey'

on Comtesse's beautiful site.

"8 March - 3 May 2008- Vile Affections -at the Spacex gallery, Exeter

For the past ten years, Dawn Mellor has been painting portraits of celebrities, consciously misrepresenting, sexualising and violating imagery culled from photographic portraits, gossip magazines, film stills and the internet. The combination of imaginative sadistic cruelty, satire and empathy could be seen as communicating something about the use of both individuals and groups as scapegoats onto which unwanted fears and anxieties are projected.

Vile Affections has been influenced by Dante’s Divine
Comedy, the exhibition is an investigation of ‘high society’ in the form of a portrait gallery, where various ambassadors from the worlds of fashion, politics, music, film, art and literature suffer with varying degrees of dignity and respect. "

exhibition site

exhibition preview here

Probably rather to be filed under "Olds" than "News" because the exhibition already happened, but it was new to me.

And now the pic

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