Piccadilly Palare master tape video


I got a copy of Bona Drag (both A-side and B-side) on reel-to-reel tape. While it is not THE master tape, which I'm assuming is held in Abbey Road or wherever else the original 1990s Morrissey tapes are located, it is a generational master copy from a pressing plant that used it to press records and cassettes in Yugoslavia, most likely originating from the now defunct record label Jugoton. The tape is, in my ears, sonically superior to both the Greek pressing on vinyl and original 1990 Sire CD I own. It really sounds amazing! I've posted the first track, as it is my favorite, on YouTube for all to watch, please read the description for any other information regarding the tape and all that jazz. Thanks and enjoy :)


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Thank you - sounds good (despite usual YouTube squashing they force on everyone).
The downloads section is always available for your FLAC rip 😉


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Piccadilly Palare (master tape)

I stumbled across this and thought I post it here since I didn't find it discussed yet ...

Quote: „ ... this tape is not directly THE master tape of Bona Drag, that tape is safely housed wherever in the UK (maybe Abbey Road?), but rather a copy of a copy sent out to a vinyl pressing plant in Yugoslavia.“



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