Photos of Moz onstage with The Smiths - Carlisle 1986

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Forget my fate.
Just found these old photos of Moz onstage with The Smiths during the TQID tour and thought some of you might find them of interest.
These were taken in Carlisle back in October 1986, a mere 30 years ago...

ahh the days of taking photogtaphs at concerts and going to get them developed and hoping they came out ok.thanks for sharing.
I have no idea at all whether or not the gentleman will read this, but, of course, my preference is such.

Spent an hour listening tot The Stooges, The Ramones, The New York Dolls and the Clash: only Clash, Clash. All is wonderful, in my opinion, but where would one point one's arrow?

God bless

Ps Give your soul to is that important...just because the 80s (oppressionville) have gone, we have not!!!
welcome to the newest member.most people on this site are normal but watch out for Benjamin, the united kingdom, meat slicer,,,he doesn't eat,sleep or use his outside toilet.
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