Photo of young Morrissey at Sex Pistols concert?

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    I have no idea of the validity of this, but someone has posted this photo to Facebook, claiming that the guy in the black sweater with glasses on the left is Morrissey:


    Photo posted by JD Beauvallet / Facebook (original post?) Link posted by Lande.

    Le jeune homme en pull noir avec des lunettes, sur la gauche, c'est Morrissey. A un concert des Sex Pistols. En 1976.

    Facebook translation to English:
    The young man in a black sweater with glasses, on the left, it's Morrissey. Has a concert pistols. In 1976.

    Link to tweet posted by I_Am_A_Disco_Dancer:

    The Sex Pistols famous Manchester gig at The Lesser Free Trade Hall (Morrissey has confirmed that's him on the left: black jumper & glasses)

    UPDATE Feb. 14:

    Famous when dead posted the link from June 26, 2016 with the photo mentioned:

    Oh Shit – Punk Wars: Morrissey, McDonalds and The Buzzcocks. - Bombed Out Punk
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