Peter Katsis statement: "What Is The Goal Of The Guardian?" - Morrissey Official FB (31 May, 2019)


I'm sure many of you may have seen this as it came out yesterday morning.

As one more in an endless string of related stories from The Guardian, in some ways it was nothing new.

But in thinking about the whole matter a bit further…...

I asked myself…….

What is the goal of the Guardian?

To see if they can ridicule M into retirement?

Stop him from having a livelihood?

Stop him from having fans?

Have they been as hard on any other artists?

I really don’t know the answers to these questions.

I’m also an American so what can I truly know about British politics?

But does Tim Jonze believe he has to destroy M’s influence and credibility in order to save England?

Or is he still upset that he had to write a retraction for what he said about Morrissey when he headed up the now defunct N.M.E.?

Mr Jonze made sure to mention that pressure from Morrissey’s lawyers forced him to lie and say “we do not believe Morrissey is a racist”.

So, since he admitted that he lied in print, to save his ass, does that not make Mr Jonze current motivations questionable?

Can we ever trust what he says?

At this point does anyone even care about what they say at The Guardian?

Mr Jonze questioned whether the Guardian should promote others to “boycott California Son” .

Isn’t that exactly what he has been trying to do these last few months?

Does any other paper attempt to track down guest vocalists 3 months before an album even comes out
and brow beat them until they say they regret being on M’s album?

Mr Jonze claims The Guardian’s only agenda is to bring the truth to light and present objective journalism.

Did M wear a For Britain “badge” or a small For Britain “pin” ?

Perhaps Mr Jonze said…”Well a “badge” certainly sounds a lot bigger….let’s use that!!!"

Morrissey also wears Malcolm X pins and James Bernard pins.

That is of course not worth mentioning because it doesn’t help prove The Guardian’s agenda.

Nor does the fact that M covered songs on the CS album made famous by Dionne Warwick and The Fifth Dimension.

So why not mention that? Well… must be a fluke.

Instead the Guardian had to dig up an ancient quote from 1986 where Morrissey said he "detests….black modern music”.

That proves it - right? Give me a break!

Does The Guardian really care about objective journalism? Or care about journalism at all?

Are they just desperate to get eyeballs on stories to save their dwindling advertising income?

Or is this possibly just an endless vendetta, a personal feud being carried out by Mr Jonze?

And by the way…..

Did Morrissey stop being a provocateur? When was that exactly?

Plus, does anyone care what Mr Jonze’s personal friend Billy Bragg, says (or creates) these days?

Does anyone care if Bragg is “devastated” about anything?

Did his last album or any of the singles chart in the UK sales chart?

California Son entered the UK Sales Chart at # 4 today.

The British fans have shown their opinion.

It can also be seen as a comment on what most people think about The Guardian's. - PK"


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the goal? like most formerly print based media they are struggling to survive in the digital age, one way to do this is by getting clicks, this is getting them more clips, whether its selling Moz more records?
yet to be determined :cool:
The idea that all anyone in the media does nowadays is write stuff just for clicks doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

Of course click bait is a thing but then reviewing songs and albums, books, games and cars and films is also a thing/things in their own right.

Mark Kermode gave the latest John Wick film a fairly positive review - not for clicks though. One of The Guardian team gave it “only” 3 stars. But not for clicks.
california son info

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