Peter Katsis statement: "All this over a pin?" - Morrissey Official FB (24 May, 2019)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, May 24, 2019.

By Famous when dead on May 24, 2019 at 9:52 PM
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    "All this over a pin?

    Everyone always wants to jump to conclusions.

    Morrissey has never been affiliated with any political party in the past. Morrissey has never voted in his life, and is not a member of any political party.

    Morrissey opposes racism, hatred and press censorship. Morrissey believes in free speech and free expression and opposes totalitarian regimes. Morrissey has only ever met two political figures - Ken Livingstone and Tony Blair.

    Morrissey currently wears lapel pins of James Baldwin, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Aretha Franklin, Oscar Wilde.

    Morrissey is quite used to smear campaigns from the UK press. It is nothing new for us.

    Thanks to the fans the CS record is currently # 2 at HMV today. And thanks to Merseyrail for all the extra press today!

    A great holiday weekend to all. - PK."


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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, May 24, 2019.

    1. Morrissey_Sucks
      Yes. All this over “a pin” and what it represents.

      Morrissey and his crew are a group of idiots.
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    2. Anonymous
      An unsuccessful attempt at deflection.
    3. Eldritch
    4. Eldritch
      Indeed. He himself chose to wear that stupid pin and to become an useful idiot for a racist organisation. He could easily have basked in the glory of successful Broadway shows and the cover album could have been a celebration and a victory lap for his 60th birthday. But no, he fucked it up himself. No use playing the victim card here.
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    5. Anonymous
      Well said.
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    6. Anonymous
      Because maybe he wants to do in life whatever he wants to do? There is nothing more precious...
    7. Anonymous
      MORRISSEY several times mentioned :thumb::greatbritain:

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    8. Eldritch
      Of course he's free to do exactly that. But then he shouldn't be surprised that actions have consequences. He's never understood that you can't be controversial and universally loved at the same time.

      (That said, the Metrorail thing is just silly. The CS advert is totally harmless and should not have been taken down.)
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    9. ordinaryboy86
      Are you denying that For Britain, Tommy Robinson, the EDL and suchlike are fundamentally racist? They 100% are! Yet Morrissey has come out in support of all those movements. TR is a gutter thug, an ex football hooligan, a certified criminal, he’s been targeting ethnic minority’s long before 9/11, long before the Manchester Bombings, long before he ever had an excuse. EDL members we’re even arrested a few years ago for planning to blow up a mosque in Bournemouth lol. Lift your head out the sand, stop being blinded by your love for Morrissey.
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    10. Anonymous
      I agree that taking the posters down seemed a tad much but ....

      I think it demonstrates how people wish
      to distance themselves from For Britain and as a consequence Morrissey.

      And ..... although I think it unlikely the company may have a policy of refusing
      poster campaigns with links to political parties at the time of an election.
      Morrissey's endorsement in this instance could be questioned.
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    11. Anonymous
      Answer me this ........

      Would you want Peter Katsis fighting your corner?

      He seems incredibly infantile to me. but I sense a lot of Morrissey in his writing style.
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    12. Do you even democracy?
      Do you even democracy?
      This site makes it impossible to make any reasoned point with people taking sides and just screaming the same stuff over and over.
      The UK electoral system is the thing you should be screaming at, but a singer is easier right?
      If 4Britain are as bad as people allege here, then why are they even allowed to be a party in the first place? Are there not rules about what they can and can't do? They are checked to be legal and not inciting by the government and police CT are they not?
      Oh yeah, and that small thing called democracy too.
      Any one of you fuckers can go raise some cash and pay it to the gov and become a VALID, electable party overnight. THAT process is what the perpetually angry racist screamers should target - not a singer who is FREE to support any VALID UK political party regardless of very angry skinnybot3000 types and knee jerking rail lines.
      Anyone who says someone shouldn't support something that is allowed to exist legally is no better than the fascists they claim to hate.
      You will never be in full possession of the facts and all the outrage here just smacks of virtue signalling and desperate attention seeking like that of a certain hater we all hate.
      No right minded fucker on the planet will vote them in so who fucking cares.
      And shock horror, if they do get seats then it's the will of the people and tough shit deal with it. Welcome to British democracy. Don't vote for people you think are NAZIS and your problem is solved. But no, lets make Morrissey responsible for asian bashing and blame a pin on hurting people. Seems many here can't see the wood for the trees. Go get annoyed at the local elections and the political process and you might just appear to be understanding the bigger picture.
      Democracy does work if people actually take the time to engage with it rather than just continually trying to define Morrissey's behaviour on here.
      None of the hundreds of pages here will change Morrissey ever so it all counts for nothing. Your vote, on the other hand, does.

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    13. Anonymous
      Look I've followed Moz since The Smiths early days and the bullshit brigade pathetically trying to bring him down will never change my opinion of him, he's the greatest artist to ever come out of the UK, nobody else has ever come close and that shouldn't be forgotten easily.
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    14. NealCassidy
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    15. NealCassidy
    16. ordinaryboy86
      Yeah that guy is struggling, as are most of you’s on here. It’s not about free speech or what he’s said. It’s because his face is synonymous with a racist party, he’s put himself in that position by public endorsing For Britain. He’s become the spearhead of their campaign. An Islamophobic party that incites hate and contributes to race crime.
    17. vegan cro spirit 333
      vegan cro spirit 333



      whatever happened to the dismal:handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft: tour? maybe someone should send the Cometic one a FB pin
      so he can something going.:lbf:
      poor wreck.
    18. vegan cro spirit 333
      vegan cro spirit 333


      maybe you should aim lower, like learning how to use a period.:lbf:

      he claims to have 'parts':crazy:
    19. ordinaryboy86
      How is it bullshit to disagree with his political leanings? Especially when the parties he’s supporting are built on racial intolerance. I can love his music and still disagree with him. I ain’t gonna agree with him just cost I think the Queen Is Dead is a masterpiece.
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    20. Thewlis
      That’s really the stupidest thing I’ve ever read on these pages, even outskinnying Skinny.
      If Moz is now the face of fascism to you, wouldn’t it be time to take down your fascist Moz/Smiths-Facebookpage? Or stop visiting a website dedicated to a facsist?

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