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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alexi, Jun 7, 2019.

By Alexi on Jun 7, 2019 at 8:08 AM
  1. Alexi

    Alexi Well-Known Member

    Mar 9, 2018

    A well written piece by Joshua Surtees in The Guardian for a change today.

    Unlike the bullshit consistently put out there by hacks the likes of Tim Jonze, using his buddy Billy Braggart, etc.

    Joshua's piece was heartfelt and articulate.

    His talents would actually better serve the world by using it for a more important goal than critique of a music artist.

    We could really use writing of this caliber over here in the States writing against Trump, etc.

    However, there is only one little problem with Joshua’s story……


    You can say what you like about his provocative views.

    But I’ve been with him as manager for over two years now.

    When you travel together around the world, meeting all kinds of people, something like that would not go unnoticed.


    Who’s right? Who is wrong?

    Why don’t we find out together!!!

    Joshua Surtees - If you read this…...I’m offering you a job!

    We invite you to come out for the first week of our U.S. Tour in September.

    All expenses paid.

    Cover the tour for us, and come see for yourself.

    Since M was such an important influence in your early life it should be worthwhile.

    One thing…….you’d have to find a better paper than The Guardian to sell it to.

    Since they have the absolute lowest circulation of all the major dailies in the UK.

    And since the paper and their music editor have now become so well known for their personal vendettas against artists, etc.

    What do you say? - PK"

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alexi, Jun 7, 2019.

    1. snoddywilko
      YouTube: Mastermind. The Smiths. Peter Finan.
    2. Anonymous
      Isn’t it a double bluff. Get your supposed enemies on board and you’re laughing.
      We all know that M is not racist. Why would he be ??
      If he has problems with (along with countless others) the ideology of Islam from a human and animal rights point of view then what’s the issue. Just all those shit scared middle class Englanders who think that if they disagree with an ideology then they will be cut down with a cheaply bought kitchen knife. Well, let me say this. The London Bridge attacks were indiscriminate. So stop being so scared of being scared. Stand up for decency and freedom to live and love peacefully.
    3. Sister I'm a Poet
      Sister I'm a Poet
      Yes, but he is also a famous contrarian and public troll who got kicked out of the critics association for heckling the director of "12 Years a Slave" (who is also black) with, “You’re an embarrassing doorman and garbage man,” and “fuck you. Kiss my ass.” Of course, he later denied it ever happened.
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    4. marred
      So you're main complaint is Morrissey's views are not consistent enough for you? I just love how you guys need him to fall in line so he can gain back your respect. This is good material. You should all get together and take this on Broadway.
    5. vegan cro spirit 777
      vegan cro spirit 777

      It was an embarrassingly bad movie FFS what did you want him to say?o_O
    6. Sister I'm a Poet
      Sister I'm a Poet
      I actually did not see it, but the same director made the brilliant "Hunger" about Bobby Sands.
    7. vegan cro spirit 777
      vegan cro spirit 777

      propaganda ffso_O
    8. Sister I'm a Poet
      Sister I'm a Poet
      One man's propaganda is another man's poetry!
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    9. Anonymous
      Have any one you seen Morrissey's manager? He is mild mannered as they come. MORRISEY IS WRITING ALL OF THESE POSTS. I want to be your new chore who re ! Take me on tour. Damon is no good for you.
    10. Uncleskinny
      Again in English, please.
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    11. Anonymous
      The journalist should definitely accept this offer! Not to uncover racism, but to find out what goes on behind the scenes! Who tells the band what to wear? Is there any grumbling? How are setlists determined? How do shows get cancelled? Does anyone try to reason with Morrissey? Does everyone laugh extra loud at Morrissey's quips? Does everyone walk on eggshells all the time? Is there cheese?
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    12. the.legend
      When love turns to hate...
      Can it be a kind of obsession and mental violence like it happens in relationships so often? I mean could it be that HE still is in a relationship with Moz? Just wondering?
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    13. Anonymous
      A question, Would you do Mastermind again? And if so what would be your chosen specialised subject?
    14. vegan cro spirit 666
      vegan cro spirit 666
      You are almost a Barnaby double, except that hes not vegetarian and he scores at 153.:lbf:
      His detective card his been cancelled for being buds with his arch enemy.:kissingclosed:

      Skinny should rest to have enough strength to troll the upcoming new album.:smileycat:
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    15. Anonymous
      How to be a colossal twat.
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    16. Anonymous
      Imagine having your head so far into a washed-up pop-star’s anal canal that your ears get clogged with shit and your backbone snaps from the pressure?

      How’s that working for you, slag?

      Present day Morrissey fans - all 7500 of them - are a bunch of whiny, gutless lemmings.

      Grow a pair.
    17. the_kaz
      Here is a translation of what I was referring to. It wasn't particularly critical, it was just pointing out the fact that what Morrissey just said sounded a lot like Trump's language:

      'That sounds like Trump's "Fake News", but you just spoke out against Trump at a concert.'
    18. the_kaz
      My main complaint is that he doesn't have a clue what he's talking about, as evidenced by the fact that he criticises a man he sounds an awful lot like and doesn't even seem to know why he's critical of him.
    19. vegan cro spirit 777
      vegan cro spirit 777


      LOL who did you rubber that pearl of wisdom off of? Skinny?
      'a fungus is another mans non fungus'doh:
    20. ForgotHowIGotMyName
      I don't think so.
      The posts by Morrissey and the posts by Peter Katsis have a slightly different tones. PK is a lot more defensive in his posts than Morrissey. He's not used to being in these kinds of controversies and it clearly bothers him. Morrissey is a bit thicker skinned and battle-harden.

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