Peter Hook Talks with Andy Rourke for the Talkhouse Music Podcast; Rourke - no plans for book

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By Roberto Ferdenzi on Feb 28, 2017 at 4:53 PM
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    1. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Posted this a while back in the depths of another thread:

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    2. Surface
      Was only talking to Peter on Sunday in the local park while walking our dogs!
    3. marred
      It's hilarious hearing Rourke laugh about only skimming through Morrissey's autobiography just to see if he was mentioned. What did he expect to find.

      "Andy played bass."
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    4. Musician
      In what way hilarious a bass player thinking he might have been mentioned in a book written by the singer of the band that made both of them famous?
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    5. markem41
      Mr Rourke sounds a tad Ringo Starr in this interview.
    6. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Andy Rourke famous?
      Just like Moz?
      I agree he was and probably is a very good bass player.
      Good bass players are well respected in the music scene but to be just as famous as Moz more is needed.
      By the way, I very much doubt Andy Rourke wanted to be famous.
      Yes, in the Smiths. With Moz it was a burning ambition and whatever you think about that, he did it.
      He is an icon, there is no question about that.
    7. Anonymous
      You re the one for me fatty. don't be bitter don't be gloomy if it doesn't kill you it will sape you.
    8. Musician
      Hi Quandox3 :)

      before others jump in and gets escalated in verbal fight - can you please read properly what I wrote? Where did I write Andy Rourke is AS famous as Morrissey? Or if that he wanted to be famous? Or if I questioned Morrissey's icon status? My one sentence wasn't implicating any of these.
    9. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Sorry musician, I misinterpreted your sentence.
      Of course they are both famous as such.

      By the way, before anyone thinks I dislike Andy Rourke for whatever he is or has done or said, to me he still is a great bass player and I do hope he can go on playing in a good band making great music. In a way he is underrated and deserves more credit for his playing.

      And he composed the music for Yes, I Am Blind! Such a great song and completely as great as any Moz/Marr composition. That tells me he is capable of much more then many people think. I know it is long ago but it happened!
      Cheers! :thumb:
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    10. marred
      Because he's clearly mocking the book when talking to Peter Hook saying the only reason he skimmed through it was to see if he was mentioned. I can't remember Rourke in the book at all.
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    11. Anonymous
      Read it again. He's in it, genius.
    12. Musician
      So? He was there with him in a band for 5 years,must have his reasons. We know nothing, just people on an internet forum.
    13. sorryimsosad
      don't forget "Girl Least Likely To"
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    14. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Yes. Sorry, I did forget and I shouldn't.

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