Peter Chichon - Morrissey session drummer 1995-99 (?)

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Found a recent podcast which interviews a musician by the name of Peter Chichon who claims to have been a session drummer for Morrissey "somewhere during the period of 1995-99". This is news to me and wanted to find out the validity of this claim. Could anyone confirm or deny this?

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"From 1995 to 1999 worked as a session drummer with the likes of Morrisey"

That's Morrisey with only one 's' - so clearly a different fella! ;)
I can neither confirm nor deny, but, if he did anything, it likely would have been on demos for a new label circa 1999. Spencer was unequivocally the drummer on Southpaw Grammar and Maladjusted. His last show with Morrissey was in December 1997 and Spike Smith was the drummer on the 1999 - 2000 tours. I have never been aware of any demos for a new deal prior to 2001, which by then included Dean Butterworth on the drums. I believe Morrissey wasn't formally dropped from the Mercury deal until it and the other PolyGram labels were absorbed into Universal Music in January 1999. There was even a bizarre period in 1998-1999 when it was reported he would be realigned with the Def Jam label.

EDIT: Some recording was mentioned when a fan met Alain in June 1999, as linked. Spike was named as the new drummer in August 1999 so perhaps Cichon took part in these sessions.
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I think he may be full of it.

Not anymore.
He unloaded.
Could be a good drummer, you never know!
And I don't know for sure but as much as I know it is a common practice to use session musicians available for making demos.
Or at least it was. If bandmembers are spread around the globe.
It can take to much time to gather them all and if you want a label to hear your music asap, you have to act asap.
think he means Neil Morrissey.

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