Pete West (Fall Out Boys) quotes Morrissey

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(It is near the end of the interview.)

"The best thing I every heard Morrissey say in my entire life was if you read the way people think about you, the good things they say about you and how they love you you're forced to understand the way people hate you and belittle you and tear you apart. Therefore read none of it, and that's what I've chosen to do."

moz'art girl

oh la la
Do you want me to edit my post?:p


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Dear Pete Wentz,

Please abandon Morrissey, you're ruining him for the rest of us.



p.s. And your girlfriend is ruining the fine art of lip syncing. :p


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Saw one of those Fall Out Boys on MTV Cribs (I know, I know, it was a rainy day, nothing else on) with The Queen Is Dead tattoo'd on his arm.
I Can't match that for fanishness.
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