PETA's 2018 Super Bowl Ad: Redemption


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James Cromwell Stars in PETA's 2018 Super Bowl Ad: Redemption

Nicely shot and scripted but that's not going to convert anyone. Nobody wants to be criticised and preached to. It plays more like a smug positioning statement for PETA. If I had donated them money (not that I would), I'd be annoyed at how they're spending it.
Woulda been great if Moz was the priest.
Here's to ya PETA, for tryin' to make these slobs wake up.
Some were listening. Some of the kids were listening too.


PETA is an organization of attention-seeking trolls who turn off more people than they reach. But hey if they can get a Kardashian to pose nude I guess they're really breaking new ground.


Well it could be, I'm not an expert. But to my eyes it looks real (while the fur on ed burns' coat is obviously fake). What do you think?

Super scared she'll murder a Turkey and make a Feathered fedora now.
Really miss the PETA Christy.
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