PETA UK (via Gloucestershire Live): "Morrissey writes to TUI demanding they stop selling trips to parks" (May 1, 2024)



He wrote: "TUI now has the dubious distinction of being the last major travel provider in the UK to provide a financial lifeline to these watery little hellholes. Contrary to your company tagline, the animals imprisoned at marine parks do not Live Happy.
"Anyone with a thinking bone in their body – or a drop of compassion – knows that not only does captivity kill the spirit of these imprisoned, intelligent, social beings, it often kills them."

He concludes his letter by asking: “Please will you find it in your heart – or realise that your business is tainted by these venues – and stop supporting these magnificent sea animals’ suffering?”


Letter-to-Andrew-Flintham-from-Morrissey (1)-page-001.jpg

The full statement tends to surface eventually if there is one (edit: see above).
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