PETA box set?


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OK this is an oddity I found at a recent record fair I attended. It was a box of 6 smiths cds, they looked to be bootlegs. But they were presented in a box, the PETA logo was on it, and the box was numbered. Out of 500 I think. I'd never heard of this before and wondered if I'm the only one who came across it. the guy was selling it for £70 so I didn't buy it or take pics I'm afraid.


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The boxset in question is called "Songs That Chaged Your Life" a 6 Disc bootleg, 5Cds and 1 DVD and a 38 page booklet.

All the material is available elsewhere on torrents etc. but the package is pretty nice. I picked this up at a record fair in Dublin about 2 years ago. There is a PETA logo on the back of the box and in the booklet but this is a bootleg! Also the box insists that it is limited edition of 1000, but again this is a boot so thousands could have been produced. I got it for a fair price however and was pleased to have these live gigs on CD to play in the car. Here's a link to one on sale on ebay:
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