Pet Shop Boys - Christmas EP


A big-nose who knows...

1. 'It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas' - new version produced by Marius de Vries and Pet Shop Boys.
2. 'My Girl' - Madness cover, produced by Pet Shop Boys.
3. 'All Over The World' - new version, produced by Marius de Vries.
4. 'Viva La Vida' / 'Domino Dancing' medley - studio production by Stuart Price.
5. 'My Girl' (Our House mix) - produced by PSB.

Not sure how long it'll be up, but it's out there on torrents too.

Trying to create some good leakage karma - come on Gaga, come on Revelations!!


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Oh thanks for providing!!!

I have the original "It doesn't snow at christmas"-CD here which they released a few years ago but I can't decide which version is better.

Anyway, thanks for the download!
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