Pet Shop Boys "Being Boring" the story behind the song



Article has lots of details on the writing and recording of possibly their best song. It's interesting to find this in the Wall Street Journal when the Pet Shop Boys are mostly ignored by music publications in the US. What is your favorite Pet Shop Boys song?
‘Being Boring’: the Path to a Pop Elegy
The Pet Shop Boys’ “Being Boring” was released in November 1990 but never became a Billboard pop hit in the U.S. Yet the song had a significant influence on electronic dance music and today is considered a cult classic.

Recently, the song’s co-writer, Pet Shop Boys’ lead singer Neil Tennant, and the song’s producer-arranger Harold Faltermeyer discussed its evolution.

Three of the band’s remastered albums—“Please,” “Actually” and “Introspective” (Parlophone)—will be reissued on Friday.

“Being Boring” was never a huge hit but somehow people either discovered the song or heard about it from people who already loved it.

During our tour in 1991, when we performed in L.A., our manager told us Axl Rose, the lead singer of Guns N’ Roses, was outside our dressing room. When Axl came in, he said, “Man, why didn’t you play ‘Boring’?” We thought it was too gentle a song to be performed live in the States. We obviously were wrong.
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