Peru! Peru! My light’s hearthouse - Morrissey Central (28th Nov.)

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By Famous when dead on Nov 28, 2018 at 10:48 PM
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    New Morrissey Central quote about the gig:

    Nov. 28th

    Peru! Peru! My light’s hearthouse.

    "I know very well that the world won't listen. But, Peru does. Tonight's audience in Lima made Beatlemania look like a Kraftwerk audience. I am blessed beyond words."


    Features a crop of an Instagram image shared in the first page of this discussion.
    <Waves at Sam>
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Nov 28, 2018.

    1. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      I watched a lot of Trump and Clinton rallies in the last month of the campaign. It was very noticeable that Trump was painting the type of broad brush strokes you describe, while Clinton started to resort to trying to knit together minority groups to attempt to get her over the line. Perhaps the private polling forced her to change tactics. She seemed towards the end to be relying on the lesbian furby vote.
    2. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      I know a joke about South America:

      What’s the weather like in Brazil?

    3. marred
      The guts it takes to tell a joke that bad is admirable!
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    4. g23
      This must be the phony Beatlemania the Clash once sang about.
    5. Anonymous
      Prefer this one:

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    6. celibate
    7. countthree
      So you basically are implying that Hitler was inspired by America? I don't think so. Maybe he was financed by some Americans, but it was an entirely European process. No place in the world is perfect, and most time, most people are just victims of the circumstances. Anyway, as human beings we always have the choice of being a step away from evil. Sometimes that only step is the one that defines a life.
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    8. Truth
      As a lesbian furby I agree with you about Trump but I don't really think Clinton was doing as much knitting as you describe. She seemed to think that she had it in the bag and couldn't imagine losing to Trump so she didn't try very hard.
      The way the election broke down was this. Both candidates are guaranteed a percentage of the vote depending on whether there is a D or and R after their name. Even though much of the Republican establishment would rather not have had Trump as their candidate, when the time came he could count on their vote. Clinton was much more popular with her party's establishment and they did vote for her as well. In fact she got three million more votes in the general election.
      But the difference between the two is that Trump, like Obama before him, won by getting fringe voters. People that had never voted for anyone voted for Obama and people that had never voted for anyone voted for Trump. Trump appealed to the fringe right of his party and the mainstream held their noses and voted against Hillary, or for that R after his name. Party loyalty plus his tireless campaigning in the hellholes of the US where Hillary didn't want to put in the effort got him the votes he needed.
      But the fringe left could see that Hillary had some real problems when it comes to social equality. She'd made a terrible speech against marriage equality a few years ago where she claimed that God intended marriage to be between a man and a woman. She'd made campaign ads in the past that made her appear racist, and in fact some of her early political heroes were staunch racists.
      Trump can be casually racist as long as it's deniable. It's not going to cost him any votes. But the people that she needed to vote for her, the fringe left, saw her as racist, covertly anti-human rights, a warmonger, and a sleazy liar giving secret speeches to bankers and financial traders. She made tone-deaf statements showing that she didn't have a clue what it was like to try to live on a budget, and she has a long list of sleazy behavior. It's not that Trump doesn't but it hurt her more because the people that were voting for him didn't care how sleazy he appeared.
      She was held to a higher standard. She was just as arrogant as he is. Many people in America were never happy with a black President and were trying to "Make America Great Again." She thought it was her right to be President and in a way it was hers to lose. A clown like Trump is an embarrassment to this country. He can't speak well. He only inspires division and hate. He appeals to fear, ignorance and prejudice. And he's supposed to be a great businessman but he has gone bankrupt several times after starting out with a huge inheritance. He's tacky and he is not presidential. But people HATE Hillary and she didn't reach out to the fringe left in the places where it would have made a difference. What I saw at the end of the campaign was her taking several extended holidays while Trump was out there in his red hat talking to people that Hillary just didn't and doesn't believe matter.
      Then she spent the next two years throwing a tantrum because she lost and she still doesn't understand why. She is the only one to blame.

      If she had been after that lesbian furry vote since the 90's people would have been happy to forget what she was doing in the 60's (campaigning against civil rights) and she'd probably be the first woman president of the US. Instead she's a threat to the party and whoever they decide to nominate next and the best thing she could do is completely leave politics, write books and given paid public appearances. She's a crook and a liar and she doesn't have the charisma to get away with it.
    9. Anonymous
      Crikey bloody matey top drawer innnnit innnit.

      "Where there's fish in the sea and food on shelves and people like Urbanus."
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    10. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Yep, hard to argue against your view of Hillary.

      I think the thing the Dems still haven’t fully grasped is that Trump was, incredibly enough, the better candidate.
    11. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      "Phony Beatlemania" was a reference to the media-hyped manias around post-Beatle bands in the 70s. I think I once read the phrase was actually inspired by the Bay City Rollers.

      "The line about phony Beatlemania biting the dust was aimed at the touristy sound-alike rock bands in London in the late ’70s. We were fans of the Beatles, the Who and the Kinks—but we wanted to remake all of that." - Mick Jones
    12. g23
      I know. But comparisons to Beatlemania here, quite phony, put the phrase in my head.
    13. Anonymous
      Morrissey grimly, now repeatedly posts evermore desperate attempts online at publicising his horrible decline. What a total mess he is in. Too daft nowadays to even laugh at. He needs help.
    14. The Irish Hare
      The Irish Hare
      I know a worse one.
      Where are the Andes?

      At the end of the wristies.
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    15. Anonymous
      A woman walks into a sex shop to buy a dildo and says to the shop assistant "I want the big red one". The shop assistant looks at her and goes "That one is not for sale, that's the fire extinguisher".
    16. Anonymous
      Was this in South America?
    17. Anonymous
      Gothenburg in Sweden.

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