Perth, Scotland - Perth Concert Hall (June 15, 2011) post-show

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Set List:

The Boy Racer / I Want The One I Can't Have / Everyday Is Like Sunday / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / First Of The Gang To Die / Irish Blood, English Heart / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / You Have Killed Me / Speedway / Alma Matters / Action Is My Middle Name / The Kid's A Looker / People Are The Same Everywhere / I Know It's Over / Satellite Of Love / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Meat is Murder // One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell

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He played charming man throughout the Refusal and Swords tour if you were paying attention.
As this is a new tour he clearly wants to freshen it up, which is shown in the new set
Morrissey is an unpredictable performer, some nights he'll be chatty others he won't
it's luck of the draw i'm afraid
What is "refusal and swords"? Never heard of them mate. Are there some "indy" bands? I still think Morissey should ave played more hits and this charming man.
Overall though thought was a great gig.
Songs were great & I thought audience were very receptive.
Support were dire!
I thought the playist was good & where i was sitting the crowd was great.
Support was dire.
Thought it was a great set and performance though thought they were going to play a few songs in the encore rather than just the one which meant a show a little on the short side.......more please!
Plenty crowd pleasers with There Is A Light, Shoplifters and lots of solo singles, and unlike many very pleased to hear some new songs for first time.
Think some are missing the point with the venue, wonderful to see Morrissey play some different venues, not everyone lives in Edinburgh and Glasgow and he has played there often enough.
Morrissey was a bit quiet in between songs but so were the crowd, will be back for more on Monday night in Dunfermline, if it is too far from Glasgow or Edinburgh then sure there wll be a film on the telly.
Thank you Morrissey......
Who supported that everyone hated?

Sounds like a good night, set list was incredible. I look forward to Hop Farm Festival, where it won't
just be Moz's cover of 'Satellites of Love' I'll be hearing!

Also, excellent trolling to the person that keeps mentioning this charming man and 'everyday is like monday'. I thought it was obvious trolling but some people still took the bait, good job.
Interesting how most people who says it "sounds like a great night" weren't actually there and are just going by the setlist. Yeah, the setlist was good, but the venue and the crowd just lacked something. It wasn't a great gig. It was standard Morrissey - good, but not great.
Still, onwards and upwards.
Morrissey looked like he spent a few hours at the pub before the gig. Is it just me or has he aged considerable in the last two years. I bet he won't make it out of Scotland without cancelling one or two gigs.
I was unsure about whether to buy a ticket for any of the Scottish gigs (given the fact that he hasn't made a decent album since 1997 and he seems to be getting progressively worse at songwriting) and ultimately I decided against.

Having now heard what they recorded for Janice Long, I feel vindicated.

Go me.
Morrissey looked like he spent a few hours at the pub before the gig. Is it just me or has he aged considerable in the last two years. I bet he won't make it out of Scotland without cancelling one or two gigs.
That fat bastard has no class or respect for his fans. The three new songs are so predictably formated and lack any originality or creativity. I was hoping for more considering the lenght of time between albums but i'm sadly disappointed. At 52 Morrissey should fade in the sunset and take up painting.
Well if he was grumpy in Perth inside a nice, dry, warm venue where everyone was there to see him, he'll definately be grumpy when he comes to Glastonbury!! Cold, wet, slutchy, need i say more? I'm still looking forward to it though, that's where i fell in love with him in 2004.
Anyone get a recording of Meat is Murder? Sounds like it must of been a great show if even the Guardian gave it a good review.
Nae long through the door. First time I've seen the boy but a life long devotee. I thought it was an amazing gig. Fuck off to all the bubbly arsed cunts that slag it off. I was in tears twice (I know it's over) and (meat is murder). My sister who I was with said she won't eat animals any more so whatever it's a winner. I haven't eaten another animal since I was in primary six.
Thanks to so many people in Perth, the epitome of nestledness, for warm friendliness, including the auditorium ushers. They kept the menu vegetarian there, which has been picked up by various publications e.g.

The first song of the evening, BoyRacers, is up on Youtube. . The set-list went down a dream. The band never missed a note or nuance, and kept the lush harmonies and vigorous rhythm going till the encore. Except for a maybe accidental spray or two of beer in the audience, there was no trouble or no crazy crushing, but some major singing along, dancing and some chanting. Morrissey said very little and didn't throw a shirt. I liked the last sparkly see-through black one!

After a comment about more/too much 'filth', he sang the three new songs beginning with Action is My Middle Name. It has a nice lilt to it. I heard them on Janice Long's show with the clock radio turned down as low as possible in my tiny B&B room, anxious about waking others up and half-anticipating a knock on the door. As a teenager, I skipped the pirate radio sessions under the bed-clothes so this gave me a nice taste of what I'd been deprived of! I nearly gave the game away with an involuntary laugh at the line 'can I interest you in hours of fun?!' Janice was unashamedly excited about it all. The Kid's A Looker has a macabre cabaret style that's deadly amusing. Which reminds me, the opening act, Flats: most interesting and practised if highly unlikely to end up on XFactor any time soon. People Are The Same Everywhere is his 'on the other hand' to his 'on the one hand' of Action... The cover, Satellite of Love, was beautiful, but of course he changed the words 'I hate(instead of like) to watch things on TV...'!!

About half the introductory clips were the same as before. Of new ones, we guessed a very old, different clip of Vince Taylor; a short interview with Edith Sitwell??; a snippet of self-deprecating humour by a drag queen, and that tantalisingly obscure monologue about the one who was a great one who was stubborn and suffered and so on. Anyone get that yet?

So, as a friend put it, the Morrissey rollarcoaster is definitely up and running again, better than ever. We can only be grateful that the creator stumbled and stalled because, "in a world of illusion that's covering your mind", he is the lightning rod making the difference. :cool::guitar:

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