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Set List:

The Boy Racer / I Want The One I Can't Have / Everyday Is Like Sunday / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / First Of The Gang To Die / Irish Blood, English Heart / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / You Have Killed Me / Speedway / Alma Matters / Action Is My Middle Name / The Kid's A Looker / People Are The Same Everywhere / I Know It's Over / Satellite Of Love / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Meat is Murder // One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell

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And now the end is near.
The venue was rubbish for a gig. It was more suited for plays. The sound system was very poor. I was 3 back from the front and could hear people talking quite clearly throughout the concert. as a vetran of Smiths/Morrissey concerts since 1984 and attending well over 100, this had to be the poorest crowd I have ever seen. No atmosphere, it just seemed to be another night out for most of them. The comments about Morrissey interaction with the crowd work 2 ways. If He gets no response to songs, why should he bother doing a stand up act to entertain. He's a singer for God's sake. On a final note the set list was good but it was almost a greatest hits compilation to satisfy the masses who may have only bought one Morrissey CD in their lives. I hope I'm wrong but there seemed a finality about it all. Thanks for all the good times Morrissey. Always a fan.
I wasn't there, but does anyone think he was maybe a bit grumpy because his 3 new songs (quite rightly) got a bit of criticism on here?
I was thinking the same, but what is getting more criticism is the crowd. I guess it was a good blend of both. Shame. Things haven't started off well, but then again they never do.

"... don't lose faith."
Quality music. He is never Mr Jolly and I think he was narked by the 'missiles' which are generally presents. He made some comment after coming back on about it being a Wednesday - think it was along the lines of Sorry to keep you out late?? Sarcastic ??

Just wish he had sung Hand in Glove, HSIN and couple of hundred more.
I agree one of the best set lists for years.

Should have changed the tshirts in the merch stall for the Scottishs gigs to "Scotland is mine.........." and then played Still Ill with the changed lyric ;-) Missed a trick Moz.
Will agree that the crowd was slightly tame. For a moment I wasn't even sure we'd get an encore, since hardly anyone was going for one. Then again, that might be the price he pays for playing little towns like that. More townsfolk, fewer diehards. Still, a great set. Hopefully Inverness will be even better.
Intro music was The Operation drum solo, if noone's pointed that out. Exitus was a Klaus Nomi song (Death?). During the pre-show tape I heard GenX I think, some rockabillyish band covering 'Trash' by the Dolls, Magazine 'My Mind Ain't So Open' and that 'War! Huh! What is it good for'-song.
Any clues on who the girl is in the backdrop? Me wants a tshirt of that :)
moz was ace in perth, the band also worked hard. jessie on ouija board superb, meat is murder speechless , paris class, action is my middle name first time i have heard it , thumbs up . strings from boz pure class , he has to be up with the greats. agree with other comments sad he didt talk to us or the way he just walked off. i also prefer the band getting a clap.
didt spoil a great night , cant wait untill the next one.
He is dying a death.Wish that these awful embarassing things he does would stop, eventually no one with half a brain will want to be on his side.Only nutters who think he is great, 'cept , he clearly is not.Come on, it's very clear. He should call it a day.
Were you at the show, or are you just being an armchair asshole?
5 Smiths songs and someone's complaining? AND he did a Lou Reed cover...I can only hope there was a taper in the audience. the setlist is MUCH more audience friendly then his last jaunt in the US - the first ten songs are killer...
Check out my friend on YOUTUBE...

KENNETHNOISWATER or search morrissey perth 2011

We have some great videos.

What a night, what a setlist, what a legend... and to top it all I got a plectrum from Gustavo!!!!

Off to Inverness tomorrow and cant wait!!!
i was there and he was great and he was smiling at times ,great cover of sattilte of love.and birgit bardo was the back trop .he does,nt need to thank you for coming ,your choice to go or not great show .morrissey no 1
Describing Flat as pants is an understatement!
Moz was in fine voice but very quiet on the audience interaction front.
Oh and if you're gonna be up front try wearing deodorant!
Don't buy the I love Paris shirt cus the blue print runs when wet!!
Reference to Ouija Board, I can't understand why he chose to cut "the table is rumbling" etc etc on the re-release of Bona drag, and why he has chosen to ignore it now he is performing it live too. Disappointed but the performance of the song looked really good to me. Roll on Bradford!!!
I was there, third time I've seen him, probably second best (first being Glasgow Barrowlands in 2009). First half of the set was absolute dynamite, as you'll see from the setlist. Was really surprised to see 'There is a Light...' getting dispatched so early on in the set, 'Boy Racer' a great opener, 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' an absolute epic as always. First eight or nine songs the band raced through - there was no in between song banter because there wouldn't have been any time for any! As soon as one song finished Matt Walker was counting them in for the next! Definitely felt like a bit of a warm up gig for him, he almost seemed a bit nervous to begin with, don't know what anyone else thought?

In terms of the crowd, I was a few rows back from the front and thought it was a decent enough crowd. The 'die-hards' on here have to accept that not every Moz fan is a lunatic clutching on to the barrier from the minute the doors open and shouting all the words back at him; it is possible to be a fan of his music and stand further back or sit and enjoy it! Only saw one tatooed arsehole pint-chucker too - don't know what he thought he was going to achieve.

All in all a great night though and look forward to hearing reports of the rest of the shows on this tour - Viva Moz!

i was there and he was great and he was smiling at times ,great cover of sattilte of love.and birgit bardo was the back trop .he does,nt need to thank you for coming ,your choice to go or not great show .morrissey no 1
It's just bad manners - Far from charming.

It's like when you buy something from a shop and you hand over your money - You don't have to buy it but it doesn't take much effort for the shop keeper to thanks you or at least acknowledge your presence.

It was a great show (particularly the first 3/4) but it does leave a bitter taste when the person you've paid so much to see perform makes no effort to interact with the audience.

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