Perth, Scotland - Perth Concert Hall (June 15, 2011) post-show

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Set List:

The Boy Racer / I Want The One I Can't Have / Everyday Is Like Sunday / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / First Of The Gang To Die / Irish Blood, English Heart / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / You Have Killed Me / Speedway / Alma Matters / Action Is My Middle Name / The Kid's A Looker / People Are The Same Everywhere / I Know It's Over / Satellite Of Love / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Meat is Murder // One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell

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Well someone was in a bad mood tonight - Not a word inbetween song, no band introduction and then he walked off without saying a word.

Despite that it was an excellent gig - Great set list - Speedway was SUPERB, I Know It's over F'ing SUPERB, There is a light was great. Pretty poor audience I thought.

I don't know what's pissed him off but ffs a small show of appreciation to the fans for coming along wouldn't go amiss. Just a "good night" would have done!
love that song people are the same everywhere and its true. was surprised moz didnt say anything about being in scotland or perth to start the tour, maybe he was tired? am sure he will open up a bit after today. the concert hall was ok and the fans really do love him or thats how it seemed from where i was standing. can anyone tell me who all the people were in the clips? only saw lou reed, n.y. dolls and sparks? the blonde singer looked like olivia newton john but i dunno. meat is murder really hit home tonite as i hate it when u see those sheep in the lorrys on the way to the abatoir, it really is horrible to see that.
Was good to see Morrissey live in Perth, This was a sold out show, I thought Meat is murder was profound i am a mostly veggie as i saw similar footage 25 years ago and could`nt support it by eating meat and anyone who does is supporting it and should be ashamed. I do not know why he walked of stage so abruptly was disappointed he did`nt do more Smiths stuff, and think he should have thanked us and said goodnight its only manners c`mon Morrissey a lot of people went to a lot of effort to see you and we deserve better! but i wish you well and applaud you animal rights beliefs keep up the good work.
Not possible to be 'mostly' veggie.
Love Moz for one reason: he will not change and he will not be nice.

Love the setlist too. Finally.

(maybe the nicest thing I've ever said on here)

I just heard 3 new songs of Moz and how it was no longer marvel, "Marvelous! The one I liked least was "The Kid's A Looker", but it's still good, but it sounds weird the first listen, it's different!!

I hope that after this tour in Europe, Moz also return to South America, particularly Brazil and Sao Paulo, we are dying of longing, after the show that happened in 2000.

Moz Congratulations, you have eternal dwelling in our hearts!!

From a big fan of yours here in Sao Paulo - Brazil ...

Dj Edson Laars a.k.a. "Magoo"

Projects & Lexotan Superfreak
5 Smiths songs and someone's complaining? AND he did a Lou Reed cover...I can only hope there was a taper in the audience. the setlist is MUCH more audience friendly then his last jaunt in the US - the first ten songs are killer...
so the complaints start already..he didnt say thanks, he didnt personally sign my ticket, he looked a bit grumpy, moan moan fucking moan
In the absence of anything to report on in-between-songs-banter, would anyone please be so kind as to posting something substantial concerning the new songs rather than debating the likelihood of half-a-vegginess? Thank you!
How long was the gig? From reading the set list, I'd guess we were moving back towards gigs of an hour.

What was the start time?
It started at about 855 and finished just after 1005, which meant I could get my last train home and be in bed for midnight!
The audience wasn't great, most boring group of people I've seen at a Moz gig, and I've seen him 7 times now. Lots of little pockets of people not paying attention to anything but the Smiths songs. The 100 or so in front of the mic were bouncing away, but other than that, pretty dull.
As for Moz himself, pretty standard performance, seemed to be "phoning it in" a little. A bit of between song chat and a goodbye would have been nice.
About halfway through, someone threw a yellow tshirt at the stage and it narrowly missed his head. The look he gave whoever threw it was pure hate. Then 10 seconds later, some dick threw what looked like a scrunched up ball of paper at him but it missed. It was the same dick who I saw groping two women outside at the bar, and then spent the first 40 mins with his back to the stage trying to "entertain" those of us unfortunate enough to be near him. Little pissed up short arse in a red polo shirt.

Will post more later, got to go to work now!
Satellite of Love, eh? Great song. Always thought Because Of My Poor Education was based on it, but that's just my ears.

I wasn't there, but does anyone think he was maybe a bit grumpy because his 3 new songs (quite rightly) got a bit of criticism on here?

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