perth audio


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advice please.
i recorded perth on a digital recorder and would like to upload for all to hear . . how?
easy steps please


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Re: perth 2011 audio

Excellent. Thank you!

And fantastic way to show up here - giving instead of taking.

Much appreciated. Keep it up!


Re: perth 2011 audio

if anyone can help, this is in a file im not familiar with. i know sendspace has limited uploads. ive tryed to convert this to RAR and only get jumbled numbers not the audio. can someone please help me convert this so it can be put on megaupload with unlimited uploads?


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Re: perth 2011 audio

you are all most welcome, will try and record and post any future shows . . security is so tight!
hi drifter, next time shall i try megaupload?
it's just sendspace was the first one i tried . . very dim where all this is concerned!


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Re: perth 2011 audio

Thanks Darren, for you efforts and kindness of sharing this gem with us!

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