Pep Guardiola wears The Smiths (2019)

Photo from SoccerBible article (November 2019)


Also from September 2019:

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It's quite interesting . I didn't know Pep as a The Smiths fan. Pep and Moz's only rather terrifying connection is that his wife and two daughters were at the Manchester Arena that tragic evening, but left just before the tragedy.
Image reposted recently on FB and then repeated on Twitter.
He's obviously a fan as he's been pictured with Marr too.


Thanks FWD :)
The more ridiculous posts we get the further the possibility of the two records getting released are.
Before that it is a Saint Laurent T-shirt, that's maybe why a footballer is wearing it...
The smiths are often played at the Etihad during half time and pre match, This Charming Man and Panic in particular. Recently they played Barbarism during half time as a tribute to Andy
Now that Andy is dead, Johnny won't have to be burdened with
folks askin' him if The Smiths will reform.
Johnny can finally find some peace.
He won't have to tell folks to "just google it" any longer.
pep good manager but he has always had more money to spend than anyone else and thats in spain,germany, and engerland.least he has good taste in music.
I recall Mani promising that The Stone Roses would reunite if City ever won the Champions League. Whilst he was suggesting the latter was unlikely, I nevertheless hope some revival is being contemplated.
I have no idea who this man is, but I’m happy to hear he likes The Smiths…that’s great 😬

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