Morrissey Central "PEOPLE POWER" (April 25, 2021)



Those who can really see are lucky. Unfortunately for us all, it's incredibly rare. *>
I was wondering if the picture had been anywhere else on Sam's social?
This leads nowhere but down. Further and further on. Won't take too long till LA Dodwell picks up the "subject". But beware: Thin ice.
Re: image.
Those trees look very much like Hyde Park and that would probably make it an image from the Unite for Freedom event Saturday just gone?
I was wondering if the picture had been anywhere else on Sam's social?
Not sure it matters, ultimately. Despite some people remaining in denial, ultimately all this stuff is posted on Morrissey's official website under the direct heading of: 'Messages from Morrissey' - not 'Messages from Morrissey's nephew (which he may or may not agree with)'.
This is the London Anti-Vaccine protest. A collection of the UK’s dumbest human beings. Consisting largely of privileged people who equate the wearing of a mask and lockdown to genocide. They make Daily Mail readers look like intelligent, aware, and cultured people.

Here in Europe there has been a tangible example of people power in the last week, with football fans stopping the money grabbing plans of elite billionaire football club owners.

A new low for Morrissey, on a journey of new lows.
somebody holds up a sign with one of your lyrics,big deal.this has been put up on M central many times.thats consistent.
whatever these people do at their march does not show on the photo so that has nothing to do with M.nobody knows whos got the keys to M central so we will never know who put this much drama for literally f.u.c.k. all,there you go skinny thats the way you get round spelling f***.

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